Ask Laia: What Do I Do With My Hair Under A Baseball Cap?

Plus! Why baseball caps have taken over my brain and the slippery slope of wearing stuff backwards.
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September 8, 2011
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Dear Laia,

I know this is probably something I should already know, but I am not what one would call a "hat person." My boyfriend and I are going to Boston this weekend to see our beloved Red Sox. He got me a really awesome Red Sox hat a few months ago and have yet to wear it once. I figured this would be the perfect time to break it out. Unfortunately I have no idea what to do with my hair (long, layered, wavy and frizzy) or this hat. I was thinking a low side ponytail perhaps? Do people still wear them with the brim off to the side or what? Please help me!!


Hi Jessica, thanks for writing in! It's so funny that you've sent me this email at the time you did because baseball caps have been BIG in my brain these past few days. It all started when I saw this crazy Miu Miu rabbit felt cap on Net-a-Porter.

My first instinct was a fashion baseball cap? That's crazy! but the more I thought about it, the more it sorta made perfect sense. I thought back to a time when I rocked a silver leather cap like it was glued to my head and then at a shoot I did a few days later, a black leather baseball cap became the most important accessory in the story (I would post a pic but they haven't been published yet! so you know, just use your imagination). Anyways, the point is that lately baseball caps are all I think of lately.

Of course this has NOTHING to do with your question, which is really how to wear your hair with a baseball cap but the whole thing was just too funny not to write about. I think your low side ponytail idea works great but as I am a HUGE fan of braids at the moment. I think a low side braid would probably be the cutest to wear with your Red Sox hat to avoid hat head and still look cute.

Wear the cap straight on or jauntily put it to the side if you want; just don't turn it over or anything, then you'd have to wear your sunglasses on the back of your head too a la Guy Fieri and then of course you'd have to go all Kriss-Kross with a backward baseball jersey or whatever. OK, not really, but what I'm trying to say is SLIPPERY SLOPE!

So rock on at the game with your beers and your hot dogs and your super cute side braid situations!

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