I’ve Officially Decided To Add More Pink To My Closet And It’s All Lorde’s Fault

Her bubblegum suit reminded me that pink is one of the few colors I actually like to wear.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been revamping and reassessing my wardrobe, which is a super-fun process that involves a lot of Hukking (I just can’t stop and I’ve accepted that). In the past, my shopping strategy was to go the all-black route and fill my closet with classic pieces with an edge. Black is just so easy, timeless and you don’t have to think about it. Plus, you can wear the same things over and over again (I love doing that) and nobody really notices. I feel very comfortable in black, like a chic badass, but lately I’ve been asking myself, is black what looks best on me? Not really.

Of course it’s not like black looks bad on anyone. And like Rachel, I'm a fan of wearing it year-round. It’s just that I know that color is actually much more flattering to my complexion. That’s one of the great benefits of being my shade of brown –- there are very few colors I can’t wear. My true friends have helpfully pointed this out to me to me time and time again, like whenever I’m asking for advice on what to wear to a wedding or a party or whatever and I mention that I’m considering going with one of my go-to LBDs. “No! I love you in brights!” they say. “Uh huh, OK," I reply, knowing damn well I’m going to stay in my black dress comfort zone.

But times are a-changing! Lately, I’ve been embracing non-black options more. Maybe this marathon winter (GUYS, IT SNOWED YESTERDAY) has made me so sick of my effing black coats that I’m grasping wildly, desperately for happy colors.

And inspiration is everywhere; calling to me and gently nudging me to mix things up, already. Right now, I’ve got pink on my mind and I think it’s because I saw this picture of Lorde earlier this week in a bubblegum pink suit she wore to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Ceremony. I like how she wore it with a black bralette to toughen it up a bit, and also probably because she’s a teenage It-girl and can get away with a bare midriff.

Pink is among the few colors that nobody has to twist my arm to wear. One of my favorite dresses that I own is a dusty rose number by Reiss -– flowy, forgiving dresses with an interesting shape are so my jam.

And I’m actually wearing a fuchsia sweater today, but I’m really tired and I look KAH-RAY-ZAY. I don’t feel like showing you a photo of Sleepy Baze. You don’t wanna see that; nobody does. I’ll post a picture of Bright-Eyed, Bushy-Tailed Baze soon, I promise.

But I definitely want more pink in my life! I love Lorde's look and it made me want to hunt down more pink pieces that I can totally pair with the black stuff I already have or ripped jeans, cool t-shirts and statement accessories to make them less girly and sweet and more me -- I’m really into playing with contrasts. Here’s what I found.

I could not, for the life of me, find a suit like Lorde's -- if you've seen one out there, help a sistah out. So, is all this pink making you gag or are you on board? Tell me what's at the top of your shopping list at the moment.