It's A Zoo Out There! (And In Your Closet)

Sure, you can put a bird on it, but why limit yourself to winged creatures?
Publish date:
August 12, 2011
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Birds have been making appearances in hip retailers' clothes for a while now, and while they will always probably be the #1 motif (well, along with butterflies), there's no reason why you can't channel your spirit animal in your favorite clothes this season.

River Island Cat Print T-Shirt $27.58, ASOS

I am a total cat lady and thus cats on things is my most favorite thing in the world. The cat trend can be traced back to Miu Miu's EPIC spring 2010 collection, but since then our feline friends have decided they are here to stay -- just like they decide to take over your spot in the couch the minute you get up to get a soda from the refrigerator. This cat in a fancy outfit T would be purrfect (sorry, I couldn't resist) with pretty much everything in your closet.

Galloping Horse Print 3/4 Sleeve Shirt $60.34, ASOS

Aren't all women supposed to be into horses and ponies? Anyways, the equestrian look is always considered very chic. This shirt is subtle enough that you could pair it under a suit, well, if you work in a creative environment at least, to bring a bit of fun into your business life.

Cooperative Intarsia Sweater $54, Urban Outfitters

For the eternal romantic -- or the Bjork lover -- Urban Outfitters offeres this rad intarsia sweater (that means the pattern is woven into the actual piece!) with two swans about to kiss. Or maybe they're about to fight, because swans are actually kinda agressive animals. Either way, this is a rad sweater in the best shade of bright pink. If swans aren't your thing, the sweater also comes with a bunch of cute hedgehogs and a crazy looking raccoon.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Running Impala Print Blouse $298, Shopbop

Marc Jacobs seemed to be enamored with impalas this season, putting them on everything from T-shirts to dresses and even shoes. It's a wild print for sure, but the blue-and-pink stripes in the background really anchor the kookiness into one of the coolest pieces for this upcoming fall.

Did your spirit animal make an appearance? My spirit animal is the meerkat, so if you ever see some meerkat merch, you send it my way!

P.S. Timon doesn't count.