OUTFIT OF THE WEEK: Winter Can't Stop Me

If anything, it's inspiring me to take more risks.
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December 12, 2014
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It's really easy to develop a defeatist attitude in regards to getting dressed in the wintertime. Waking up and peeking out the window yesterday to discover it was grey and snowing, snowing hard, filled me with an immediate sense of dread and panic. What the hell was I going to wear?

Quickly though, I realized I had options in my wardrobe that would keep me both warm and cute. At the base of my ensemble was Uniqlo's Heat Tech Tights ($12.90, uniqlo.com) They're thick yet stretchy, and hold you in at the waist snugly like a hug rather than leaving uncomfortable indents in your belly after a long day. Over my feet I put on some socks to keep things extra dry within the confines of my everyday boots.

Next in my layering process came my Organic Cotton Stretch Turtleneck from Muji (currently on sale for $13.97, regularly $19.95, muji.us), which comes in a wide variety of shades. I feel like turtlenecks are having a "moment," which is bizarre since they're just a wardrobe basic for me, but I'll ride happily ride the trend wave! Over top of my turtleneck I layered a slip dress, my moto jacket, a big wool scarf and my giant vintage fur coat. Accessorized with ear muffs and Thinsulate-lined gloves, I was ready to handle the freezing day ahead.

When night came however, it wasn't just about practicality. Yes, when I went out, I knew I had to keep warm -- but I wanted to look cute, too. Keeping with the same outfit from the morning, I switched things up and threw on my gigantic platform ankle boots with their ridiculous heels. These were not, by any means, practical for trudging through slush. But you know what? I didn't really care.

Because I've found that when winter comes, I am more inspired to take risks. Winter is the time to Get Weird™. I want to throw on the biggest, furriest coats. I want to wear my most interesting hats. I want to head out to holiday parties in the most Bianca Jagger-worthy slinky dresses. With holiday party season upon us, now is the time to sparkle and shine and stun.

Enough about me and my inclinations towards strangeness, though. Let's focus on the fantastically stylish gang that is you, the xoJane readers.

Snaps go to PizzaQueen for her holiday party dress from the '70s. The fringe is so on-trend right now (have you been in a Zara lately?), the headband adds just the right amount of accessorizing, and the cocktail in hand says, "it's party time, duh!"

If you want to hop on the fringe bandwagon (and you should), try the above option from Zara for $59.90. Just imagine how amazing those sleeves will look swinging as you dance on New Year's Eve.

Also looking fabulous in a cocktail dress was SaraG. I love the zipper details paired with the ankle booties -- just the right amount of edge for such a classy and streamlined look. This dress for $24.49 from Target has a similar vibe thanks to its sharp pattern-print, T-sleeves and leather detailing on the pockets.

Now ...

  • Show me what you wore this week!
  • Tell me, does winter make you want to get weird too?
  • Have you figured out what you're wearing for New Year's yet? I haven't...

Thanks again for joining me here every week, guys!xoHannah