It's Time To Replace Uggs As a Synonym For Bad Fashion

They're just warm boots, people.
Publish date:
May 23, 2012
bad fashion, ugg boots

Have you guys seen the new bridal collection from Australian shoe retailer Ugg? You'd think the world was coming to an end based on the general reaction to the shimmery, bejeweled version of the classic Ugg Boot. And yeah, I mean, Ugg boots are not appropriate wedding wear in my opinion. But I'm not sure this development yet bests infidelity or one partner getting steathily fat as tragedies that can befall a marriage.

I guess I mostly object to the cultural legacy of Ugg Boots as the worst possible thing that has happened to fashion. I mean, people used to wear shoulder pads and walk around shaped like upside-down triangles. Culottes happened, for god's sake. Uggs are just those warm boots I put on one day a year when it's really icy and snowy outside.

And mostly it's just sort of dated. I think it was freshman year of college when I begged my cool aunt to buy me a pair so I could look just like all the thin NYU girls who probably never bought their underwear at Target. It's like bitching about the Great Chicago Fire. Please, let's crown some new fashion atrocity as the official worst.

Nominations? I'm gunning for any kind of draped jersey.

Also, have you ever been totally against some ubiquitous trend that everyone hates and then tried it and realized it's actually super comfortable/fun/flattering and that's why everyone is so into it? That happens to me like always.