It's In My Closet, Now How Do I Wear It?: These Vintage Pumps Are Too Dainty!

D. bought these heels at a vintage store, but thinks they're too cute and delicate for her. See the solution below.
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June 1, 2011
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hi, Pooks!

I have worn these shoes... once? Twice, maybe?

And they're so dainty and cute and lovely, and are such a good vintage find, I just hate to shove them aside and always grab my stompier, bigger, bad-asser heels.

Provenance: vintage store, Chicago, 2009. Likely from the '40s. The little grosgrain tie on the front! The silky suede-like fabric! I love them! But, as you know, I am neither delicate nor cute, and my clothing tends to veer more toward the short dresses with Serious Heels end of the spectrum. Can I tough these up without resorting to pairing them with jeans and a Pat Benatar t-shirt? What would you put them together with?



Well, Ms. D. This is a doozy. My initial thought was "Toughen it up with jeans" and then you were all "NO JEANS!" so I was worried. BUT fear not, I think I've figured it out.

See, the shoes are unabashedly feminine, so there's no point in fighting it. The strategy is to toughen them up by over-the-top woman-ing it up. I would pair them with a sheer maxi skirt like the ones at American Apparel (get some boyshorts or a mini-skirt to wear under it), and maybe a worn-out wooly little sweater or tee. Ideally I would top it all off with a leather jacket, but a denim jacket or army green canvas jacket could just as easily do the trick. Then pile on the jewelry man, big pearls...maybe even a huge gold medallion! Basically toughen it up by over-the-top woman-ing it up. You know what I mean?

In that same vein you could toughen up the look by going for "tight and femme fatale vibes," which I know is totally your steez. Pairing a very tight pencil skirt in a bold leopard print, or maybe leather, with a cropped sweater (perhaps a couple sizes too big for maximum slouchy-ness and sexy off-the-shoulder effect) could also achieve great levels of bad ass-ery. If you're up for it maybe even rock some little ankle socks? Ok maybe not, but if you were feeling in a funky mood I'd highly recommend it.

The result?


I looooooove the heels + ankle socks thing- I've been trying to work that into more frequent rotation in my everyday life. Leopard print! Also: Holy balls this dress is shooooort. (Rodarte for Target, obvs.)


MEOW!The grey socks with the shoes is SO best.

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