It's In My Closet, Now How Do I Wear It?: The Marc By Marc Jacobs Retro Jacket

The '50s/Grease style is throwing Becky off. How can she make this look work?

Hey Laia!I have this Marc Jacobs jacket that I am in love with. Peppermint is pretty much my favourite colour. It's hard to tell what to mix it with it just sits in my closet. Help?? The colour is a bit brighter because my camera is shit, and the zips are pale pink. It's the style that's hard-- kind of '50s/ Grease? I just don't know.

xx Becky N (from Australia)

I love this jacket! It's got all the signature Marc by Marc Jacobs details that has made the label so cool over the last ten years. It's a classic shape done up with unusual details like contrast top-stitching and striped rib trim.

Although there is a bit of "'50s/Grease style" to it, I don't think that it's the defining characteristic that should guide the way that you wear this jacket. Sometimes when a piece of clothing is giving me trouble I try to "round it up" to something I wear all the time with everything. Like with your jacket I'd say "imagine this is a denim jacket," and now everything you wear with a denim jacket you can try to wear with this instead.

Looks from Marc by Marc Jacobs' Fall 2001, Fall 2002 and Spring 2003 collections.

Sometimes it's also a good idea to look at the way other people wear similar pieces. In this case I went back to the Marc by Marc archives on to find your jacket and its cousins going down the runway. Although in the picture they're worn with thick-cuffed jeans, I would stay away from that so as to not look like I'm actually IN a '50s costume.

But I think in reality it's a versatile jacket that will look cute with everything, as long as you keep the silhouette somewhat slim at the top to avoid bulky-ness. I could totally see this becoming your uniform if you stop overthinking it a little and just throw it over all your favorite outfits!The response?

Hey Laia,Thanks for the awesome advice - you're totally right, I was just overthinking it. And thanks for finding the season it's from, I looked for ages but couldn't figure it out. Btw this jacket was like $30 from Melrose Ave in LA... insane. Here's what I wore, kind of using the third photo with the blue jacket... excuse my chronic bitchface. :)

x Becky


And please make note of Becky's awesome lipstick.

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