It's In My Closet Now How Do I Wear It? 5 Ways to Tie a Hermes Scarf

This is a really great problem to have.
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August 17, 2011
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Hi Laia,

So, my super wonderful boss brought me a gorgeous hot pink Hermes scarf from Paris. I LOVE IT. But I have no idea on EARTH how to wear it. Can you run some kind of scarf-tutorial thing? It's so pretty but I don't know what to do with scarves other than make an Audrey-Hepburn type babushka or "Hollywood convertible" over the head deal, and my office is more conservative.

Merci mille fois,LL

Wow, LL, what a wonderful boss you have! The scarf is really beautiful and there are a variety of ways that you can wear it. I'm so glad you sent in this question because I ran across an image in a fashion editorial of a model wearing a beautiful head scarf with a jacket and some pumps and I haven't been able to take it out of my mind.

Yes, scarves are having a moment again. (But were they ever not?)

Here are the best ways to wear a scarf.

1 Around Your Head

Ok, so this one's a given. But while there are many ways to even wear a scarf around your head, my favorite method is to fold the scarf in half diagonally and then fold that into itself until it creates a 2-to-4-inch-thick "headband" that you then tie at the nape of your neck. It's really easy and perfect for when you're growing out your hair or need a quick fix after a humidity attack. (I always keep a scarf in my bag for this purpose).

2 Around Your Neck

I've always loved this and I think this might be especially good for your conservative office. Basically, fold the scarf the same way you did to wear it around your head, but instead tie it around your neck. Tie it once for the "business ascot" look and wrap it a few times for french vibez. You can leave the ties hanging out to the side or tuck them in. I don't like the tuck so much because it can make the scarf look like a weirdo bandage around your neck like you're trying to hide a hickey. I love it under a suit or a button-down shirt the best.

3 Around Your Bag

Maybe you've had your bag for a long time and just need to shjoosh it up a little. Tie the scarf around the handles and voila! you have a fun way to showcase your beautiful scarf.

4 Around Your Wrist

For more casual events, just tie the scarf around your wrist like a little bracelet. Perfect for casual activities like lazy Sunday brunches or a cool music show at a bar.

5 Around Your Leg

OK, not really, but who doesn't want to take fashion cues from Judd Nelson in "The Breakfast Club"?

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