It’s gettin’ hot out herre!

So please don’t take off all your clothes, but wear some nice natural fibres instead
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July 24, 2012
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And so at last the ‘great British summer’ has arrived and it’s time to break out the hot weather togs. This is my idiot-proof summer in the city look: a cotton sundress that finishes just below the knee and has a kicky skirt that lets me walk fast, plus plain leather sandals, my mum’s sunglasses and Gucci bag (thanks ma!). I love cotton sundresses from Gap, COS, Uniqlo and ASOS.

Dress and sandals, Gap, sunburn, model's own

Toenails are painted in a reddish-coral from Revlon (because you all know how much I hate a blind, maggoty toenail) and fingers are in a lilac shade from Maybelline. I’ve completed my look with beautifully sunburned shoulders, which I acquired over the weekend at Port Eliot Festival. And a bottle of water - because it's important to stay hydrated kids!

Here are some lovely cotton frocks I found on

Cotton sundress, £32,

and some more...

Summer midi dress with boat print, £32 and summer dress with rope print, £15.50,

And because clearly I Am Perfect and Everyone Else is Rubbish (jokes!), here are my summer style pet peeves:

1. Anything too short or too tight. If you have to keep yanking at it self-consciously, don’t wear it.

2. Tiny denim shorts. This trend needs to DIE. You’re not on the beach, you’re on the tube and I don’t need that in my face thankyouverymuch.

3. Spaghetti strap vests. I don’t know why, I just don’t like them.

4. Flip flops. Not in the city, or in the office - it's sloppy and risky (you could walk on broken glass or someone could stamp on your toes!) Proper sandals please.

5. Thick black tights. I know it's been wet and cold and lame so far, but really.

But lest you think I’m a judgmental fashion witch, here are some inspiring and lovely summer style tips which I picked up this lunchtime while sitting outside a café eating a bagel. Oh, and a picture of Rebecca looking cool in a Uniqlo shorts and shirt ensemble.

Rebecca in lemon yellow shorts and shirt from Uniqlo

1. Espadrilles. So pretty and chic and retro! My favourites are by Toni’s Got Sole.

2. Vintage cotton sundresses featuring eclectic prints (such as those favoured by Emily).

3. Chinos with a paperbag waist.

4. Cotton broiderie anglais shell tops worn with capri pants.

5. A denim shirt worn as a light summer jacket – I’m definitely trying this.

Now I’m firmly of the opinion that British women know exactly how to dress stylishly for our ‘summer’ – always have. It’s when we allow ourselves to be swayed by silly trends that things start to go awry. So tell me what do you wear to beat the heat? Does your summer style change if you’re in the countryside rather than the city? Share!