I Need A Reality Check: Is It Stupid To Buy Expensive Sleepwear?

I’ve been lusting over Wildfox’s sleepwear line, but does it actually make any sense to spend THAT much on things you wear to bed?
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February 13, 2014
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You know when you want something incredibly stupid, and though you know it’s stupid, you just can’t shake that wanting feeling? I get this way about three things: terribly overpriced candles, super unnecessary cute stationery items, and fancy pajamas.

Fancy pajamas are just one of those things that don’t really make a lot of logical sense, sort of like a $1,000 bottle of wine. They’re indulgent and delightful, but they don’t really get you anywhere or add much to your life. I mean, let's be honest, you wear pajamas to sleep, and if you’re sleeping, how can you appreciate what you’re wearing? Plus, you get all sweaty and hot, and usually end up stripping off most of your clothing before the sun rises anyway.

And yet.

I have this daydream-y idea of pajamas that I can’t seem to shake. Of lounging around my house writing in the softest, prettiest sleepwear, and feeling so cute that I don’t even bother to get dressed to go outside and walk my dog around the block or grab a tea. Though I know it’s undebatably ridiculous to spend a bunch of money on pieces of clothing that will almost never leave my house, I continue to pine for PJ’s.

Those silky champagne shorts from Anthropologie, Wildfox’s “Up all Night” cami set, Charlotte Olympia cat slippers (with matching eyemask!) -- I want it all.

The whole obsession only got worse when I borrowed the Wildfox Dreamer sleep shirt I’d been eyeing for a blog photoshoot I was working on. It was just so soft, so beautiful and fancy feeling, I almost brought my credit card back to the shop instead and kept the shirt! In the end logic won out, but now it’s haunting me, and at this point I can’t tell right from wrong, so I need your help:

Is it dumb to splurge on sleepwear?