Consider Your Next Instagram Snap Wisely -- Because Someone Could Wind Up Wearing It

If you need a little nudge to stop Instagramming photos of your dinner, here it is.
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May 23, 2014
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I'm a fan of ye olde Instagram. You know, that photo sharing app all the kids are wild for? I don't do much social media, but man, do I love looking at people's photos. There's something really great and intimate about the tiny snapshots of people's lives -- plus I especially love using the hashtag feature after a pal's wedding to see all the hijinks I may have missed.

By the way -- if you're looking for an aces Instagram account to follow, look no further than @f*ckjerry, home to some of the funniest (but slightly off-color) photos and videos the whole darn Internet has to offer.

Photo via @f*ckjerry on Instagram.

My own Instagram is not at all exciting -- I basically only like posting and looking at photos of trash, pets, signs and fashion. When Emily and I were visiting last week, she demanded we exchange phones and look at each other's Instagrams. "You only follow dog and shoe accounts!" she exclaimed. To which I replied: "Yeah well, you appear to exclusively follow hot chicks and babies, so I'm not sure which one of us is technically worse."

I recently posted this snap of the two of us goofing off in a photobooth during her birthday party without realizing the likelihood that someone, somewhere, might wind up wearing it. Because yes, Instagram fashion is a thing now.

(And by the way, the photo below was not taken three weeks ago. My iPhone thinks it's like June 26 or something because I've set the date/time weeks ahead in order to cheat at Pet Rescue Saga and Farm Heros.)

So I have to ask: would you wear this photo of the two of us if it was printed on a ring?

No? What about on a T-shirt?

Perhaps a button?

Okay, maybe on a necklace?

Come on, you know you'd love us on a watch.

In news that should surprise nobody, you can now have your photos (Instagram or otherwise) emblazoned on just about any fashion item you can think of. Selfies, #Relfies, food photos -- anything you can snap with an iPhone is fair game. Just click 'buy' on the fashion item of your choice, upload the photo in question, and soon it will be at your doorstep -- the spitting image of your original photo.

And if you choose to have your favorite selfie made into a T-shirt, it comes with an honorary membership to the Narcissist's Club of America. (I kid, this is not a real thing, everybody breathe a big sigh of relief!)

Even Adidas is getting into the game -- the company has just announced that come August, you'll be able to have your Instagram pics printed on custom sneakers.

Prices are as yet unavailable -- but if Nike's custom ID line is any indication, they won't be less than $200.00.

This whole concept makes me wonder -- does this mean that anyone with access to your photos can print them on whatever they want, and galavant all across town with your face on their chest? It would appear that the answer is yes, so be careful what you snap a photo of next -- because chances are, somebody could end up wearing it on their feet! You don't want it to be a boring old photo of your dinner, do you?

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