OUTFIT OF THE WEEK: Underneath It All

Because an outfit won't feel amazing if your underpinnings are uncomfortable.
Publish date:
August 29, 2015
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I really, really love lingerie. Yes, I swoon over Agent Provocateur's complicated lace ensembles that are way, way out of my budget, but I go just as crazy for comfortable yet über-pretty day-to-day pieces, too.

I thoroughly believe that comfortable, seamless, sexy lingerie is of utmost importance at the basis of a great outfit. You don't want to put together a bangin' blouse-and-skirt combo only to be poked at by willy-nilly underwire or have your VPL saying hello to everyone walking behind you.

I regularly rely on Calvin Klein for my bra needs. I was fitted at an event of theirs a few years ago and never looked back. Wearing a bra that actually fits, that lays flat on the body and isn't poking into your underarms or back, is so necessary. I'm also happy to say that I am constantly scooping up CK on clearance at department stores or just at delightfully discounted prices at stores like Marshall's and Century21. Score!

I've also recently fallen for New York indie brand White Rabbit NY, who make the minimal everyday underwear of my dreams and have a very cool "try-at-home" program.

As you can see, the packaging for the undies is minimal and speaks to my hiding inner goth pre-teen, but the underwear themselves are very grown up. A stretch lace thong ("The Elizabeth") or comfy, fitted bamboo bikini ("The Prince") currently make up the collection.

On a slightly related tangent, here's the only "outfit photo" I took this week, at a pre-TIFF party selfie station. I was wearing a Calvin Klein bra under my shirt, so I think that counts. Also, I'm not very good at "happy party face."

Tell me about your favourite underwear, please. In a fashionable sense. Not like, an intimate way. Unless you want to, your call!

In the meantime, let's check your looks from last week.

We all loved Miss Kara's Pretty Woman-inspired dress, and I am particularly enamored with her choice to contrast its neutral tone with that bright turquoise belt.

I also loved misssincerely's navy blazer-topped look, but that's because I am personally on the hunt for a navy blazer and maybe I just want to steal it. Watch out!

What did you wear this week? What are you going to wear this weekend? Tell me EVERYTHING. And don't forget the photos.