I'm The Worst: Shopping at The Cancer Store

What? I like scarves, too.
Publish date:
June 16, 2011
shopping, lucille roberts wellness boutique

Dear God, please don't send me to hell for this one. I just returned from a routine doctor's appointment that happens to be in the NYU Cancer Institute. And every time I get off the elevator on the 4th floor, my eyes wander over to this colorful little boutique on the left.

All my eyes register each time, like a toddler watching "Teletubbies," is colors, swimsuits, and hats. By gravitational pull I find myself in there, browsing ... only to realize among the wigs, scarves, prostheses, hats and bras that I'm not exactly their target customer.

But there is no boutique too niche for this shopper. Let's say I purchased something, like a scarf. I was so concerned with the ethics of this situation that when I got back to the office I called the boutique and asked if the money goes to charity. I learned that the Lucille Roberts Wellness Boutique is run by a small private company called Underneath It All, which specializes is post-breast surgery products and services. When asked about charity they said that the store profits go to "rent, keeping the lights on, and salaries." Good enough for me!

So back to the hypothetical scarf I may or may not have purchased. Does shopping at a store for women with cancer when I am not a woman with cancer make me a terrible person?