I’m Celebrating The Tatty Devine Ladies Getting Their MBEs Today By Giving Away TWO Tatty xoJane Name Necklaces!

How lovely to end the week with such a happy story – today the co-founders of Tatty Devine, Harriet Vine and Rosie Wolfenden will be MEETING THE QUEEN (ahhhh so jealous) to receive their very well deserved MBEs for services to fashion.
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June 7, 2013
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I am hugely and unapologetically biased towards the brand and its punk DIY attitude. Back in 2005 I sheepishly approached Rosie and Harriet while they were manning their stall at London Fashion Week and offered them a copy of my handmade zine, Pamflet. They not only took it, but offered to sell it in their shops – something we hadn’t ever dreamed of when we were photocopying and stapling the pink pages of our very first issue.

I love that generosity of spirit and the way they are part of a network of creative people who support each other and stay true to their principles – while having loads of fun (seriously, their workshop is the closest I’ve ever been to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.)

This is a British business that was founded by two women and has a workforce that's dominated by women at all levels which is globally successful and recognised. I think that's amazing. They’ve had their David and Goliath battles (remember the Claire’s incident?) but the loyalty of their customers saw them triumph and their pieces are still as witty and original as when they first started messing about with plastic in a shed surrounded by tortoises off Brick Lane.

To celebrate this amazing milestone in the brand’s evolution, Tatty Devine has launched a Classic collection of highlights from the 2000-odd pieces of jewellery they’ve produced over the years. Old favourites like the tiger and bunting necklaces have been reworked in different colourways, the iconic dinosaur’s limbs are more elegantly articulated and there are some newbies in the mix too (the dog on wheels is one of my personal favourites.) Prices range from a tenner up to £149 for one of the statement necklaces.

Tatty has had a colourful presence at some of the most significant moments in my life, from getting matching Pamflet name necklaces with my best pal Anna-Marie, to wearing their 3D glasses earrings to job interviews and being proposed to with a Tatty Devine cameo ring.

I think a lot of people share that feeling, as Rosie says: “We called it the Classic collection because we believe each piece embodies everything that Tatty Devine is about: original, playful, brave and instantly recognisable. It is for all of these reasons that our customers have such an emotional connection with our jewellery.”

Harriet adds: “Each piece tells the journey, a story, a moment in Tatty Devine history. It’s almost by wearing them you pledge allegiance to where we’ve come from, but we also love the fact that each piece will mean something different to everyone. This launch is really important to us because it celebrates our MBE, which would never had happened if it wasn’t for these pieces.”

So here are my picks from the Classic collection, and I should probably mention that it’s my birthday in a week! Just in case, y’know, anyone’s interested...

Hold me closer tiny daschund!

Gin gin gin - me and this necklace were meant to be together.


Anyone who's ever seen me thrown into a superstitious, knuckle-rapping frenzy at the sight of a single magpie will know why I need this pair of earrings in my life. One for sorrow, two for joy indeed.

And because I love YOU as much as I love Tatty Devine, I have not one but two totally exclusive, limited edition xoJane name necklaces to give away! Look here's Jane wearing hers!

You want one, don't you? See how pretty they are?

To enter, just email your name and postal address to phoebe@xojane.com and I will pick two winners at random. I'll close the competition on Friday 14th June at midnight (it's only open to those in the UK, sorry!)