I'll Tumble (Dry) 4 Ya: Clothing Inspired by '80s Pop Stars

How to say "I Love The '80s" without looking like an extra in a Katy Perry video.

I don't know why I'm feeling so dang nostalgic lately, but all I want to listen to are the tunes of my youth: Bow Wow Wow, Duran Duran, Adam Ant, early Madonna. But it's not only the sound of 1980s pop stars I'm attracted to right now -- it's the look!

Rather than dressing up like my favorite stars of yore, which would just look costumey, I've been on the hunt for cool clothes that pay tribute to the greats without looking cheesy (or, that look cheesy in the best possible way). Here are some of my faves.

MADONNA T-SHIRT ($20, White Rabbit Gallery) I own this one and could NOT be happier with my purchase. The scoop neck is very flattering for us ladies, the fabric is so soft and comfortable, and the tone-on-tone graphic print background totally makes Madonna POP. I am always excited to wear this thing!

BLONDIE MINI-DRESS ($16.99, SoYouThinkYouCanRock) This WILL make its way into my closet. It is destined to be! The gloriousness of Debbie Harry captured on a swingy, cotton tank top-style minidress -- it's genius! I would love to slob around the house in this. It would be great to layer over leggings and long sleeve tees during cold weather, too.

BOY GEORGE COTTON CANVAS TOTE BAG ($15.99, BadAssBags4U) It would be quite enjoyable to pack this roomy tote bag full of produce at my local farmer's market. Boy George looks so young and carefree in this photo, and this is how I choose to remember him (while carrying onions).

JOHN TAYLOR TANK TOP/TUNIC ($13.99, 1 Step Beyond) And finally, here it is, the face that launched a thousand boners (in my pants, anyway): JOHN TAYLOR of Duran Duran. Let's be real, everybody knows he was the sexiest member of the band, he recorded the theme for "9 1/2 Weeks" for crying out loud! I want him this on my body.