Ikat Prints For Everyone

Ikat prints are going to be EVERYWHERE this fall.
Publish date:
August 3, 2011
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Ikat prints are going to be EVERYWHERE this fall, thanks in part to Proenza Schouler, who started experimenting with the print for their pre-fall (yeah, that's a thing now) collection. The colorful textile is created in a similar way to tie-dye, except instead of putting the "resist" (aka, the ties you put on your T-shirt before you dye it) on the finished fabric, it is woven into fabric itself, thus creating the pattern (thanks Survey of the Textile Industry course in college!). Here are 7 pieces for you to get a head start on the trend.

Modoc Bra $60, All Saints

I've been a fan of the long bra for a while now because it is the perfect layering piece under sheer shirts and extra-long armholes. A peek of color is always cool and probably the safest way to test-drive the trend, you know, because no one can see it!

Electric Ikat Top $69.99, Madewell

The scale on this top is a little bigger than the usual ikat print, which makes it a little softer and more subtle. Wear under a cream or navy suit for a little pop of color at the office or with jeans and flats for a casual weekend brunch.

Shoshanna Ikat Paper Bag Waist Skirt $171, Bluefly

The silhouette of this Shoshanna skirt is perfect; A-line enough to be comfortable and not so poufy so it becomes pornographic. This is a great piece that you can wear now with a simple tank and sandals and when winter comes you can load up on the chunky black tights and boots and a nice comfy sweater.

PS: Is it weird that paperbag waists kinda scare me? They are sort of a final frontier for me. I need to work on that more.

Ecote Ikat Halter Dress $14.99, Urban Outfitters

This little dress has total Proenza Schouler vibez even though it's nowhere near anything that they sent down the runway. I know it's a super summery dress, but I think you can pair tights and thin long-sleeve tees with pretty much everything. Perhaps this should be a new experiment I conduct and then see how many times it works and how many times it is an epic fail. I'm pretty confident it would work on this one.

Cascade Dress $70, Pixie Market

This maxi dress is super rad and I loved that they styled it with a cute flat boot. It's soft and feminine without being saccharine, which is something I'm always after. Feels very grunge in spirit. Yeah, I can't let go of the 90s, guys. Sorry.

Ibiza Ikat Fluid Pant $29.99, Chico's

I'm kinda SUPER into these pants and I can't believe they are from Chico's. They're almost the perfect slouchy printed pant, complete with pockets and elastic waist. Roll up the cuffs a little and pair them with a simple slouchy tank or tee, perfect for lazy days at home or in the city or at work (hey! we all have those).

Proenza Schouler Ikat Cotton-Blend Cropped Pant $795, Net-a-Porter

And of course, the ones that started it all, these pants will surely make an appearance on an editor's legs by the time fashion week rolls around. There is something oddly tough about the colors and the vertical stripes, like secret rock n' roll pants. I think that made more sense in my head than when I wrote it down, but it shall stay!

Feeling the ikat? Or think it's more of an ikan't?Get it? IKAN'T? #QueenofthePuns right here.