I No Longer Buy Expensive Sunglasses Because I Lose Them So Here Are Some Cute Ones For Under $100

If you catch me buying shades for more than 100 bucks, you are legally allowed to slap me.
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April 14, 2014
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I've made a promise to myself to never spend more than $100 on sunglasses. I'm cursed with losing expensive sunglasses. I have never once lost my iPhone, purse, or ID, but if you put some vintage Dior frames in my hand they will magically disappear (like my trust in men LOL).

I bought Paul Frank glasses in Paris and lost them while looking at a fish in the Merced river in Yosemite. The only thing that helps me sleep through the night is picturing a fish wearing them, looking really cool.

Sample sales are one of the reasons I love NYC. I heard about a Rodarte sale at the Ace hotel a few years ago and woke up early to hit it up. I waited in line for an hour with a bunch of girls who were dressed like fashion bloggers. I ended up getting a skirt, purse, and sunglasses. Of course I have no f*cking clue where the sunglasses are. This is the last photo of me in them. RIP.

Last week I lost my Ray-Bans that I had for over two years.

I started looking online for new shades and found a designer that I liked. On my way to pick out new sunglasses, I found the Ray-Bans in my glove box. Son of a b*tch. I was happy/sad. I decided to still buy new sunglasses because I was already excited and buying things makes me forget about how much I hate myself. Just kidding, I take Lexapro for that. Who wants to go shoe shopping with me?!?! I'm so much fun!

I thought I had discovered the most incredible glasses shop when I went into Warby Parker. My immediate reaction was, “I’m gonna write about this for xoJane!” Being relatively new here, I did a search of “Warby Parker” to see who's written about them, and I realized I’m just WAY behind everyone in eyewear fashion. Daisy has been up on this brand since forever ago, and I remember Baze eyeing some frames last month.

I got the Reilly in tortoise shell. They met my under $100 promise at $95.

The coolest thing about Warby Parker is that if you're not sure what to buy online, they'll send you five pairs of glasses to try on so that you can test them out before you commit. Such a great idea for people who don’t live close to one of their stores.

I’ve been squinting more and getting headaches, so I think I’m due for an eye exam. I’ve always prided myself on being the only one in my family to have perfect eyesight, but I think that is no longer. I’m horrified of getting Lasik, and some people look better with glasses anyway, so I’m not opposed to being a four-eyes.

I've been doing a ton of online shopping and found some more shades under $100 that I love just as much as my Warbys:

These are my favorite of the bunch. They remind me of 90s Cindy Crawford for some reason:

I seriously think sunglasses should be equipped with GPS locators. If I had a dollar for every time I said, "Have you seen my sunglasses?" I'd be able to buy 30 more pairs. Good luck to you and your shades this summer.