If Loving Ponte Pants Is Wrong, I Don't Wanna Be Right

They go with everything. EVERYTHING.
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March 14, 2014
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My name is Christina and I am the Vice President of the Ponte Pants Appreciation Society (even in my imagination, I am never president-material, which is very telling of my inadequacy issues).

Ponte pants are a pant-legging hybrid made with a double-knit process. They're firmer than leggings, yet more stretchy than jeans or trousers. I first discovered them in my sister’s wardrobe a couple of years ago and then again when I was looking for “those legging thingies that are thick and more pants-y” on a shopping trip. They go with everything and are quite slimming. I would know -- I am obsessed with finding a pair of pants that will magically make my legs look long and lean without exercise and/or cosmetic surgery. Now that I own a couple of pairs of pontes, I hardly ever wear my other bottoms anymore. Here's why I'm hooked on ponte pants:

1. They're thicker and warmer than leggings.

Ponte pants are made of a heavier material than leggings, so it's possible to wear them with all of the things society tells you not to wear your leggings with (like tops that don't cover your butt). I am by no means a leggings-as-pants advocate, but I don’t really understand the outrage around it. I mean, if someone has an amazing booty, they can get away with it. But the beauty of ponte pants is that they're cozier and more tailored than your average legging and therefore, more versatile. Plus, they're sewn in panels, which creates slimming, vertical lines down the leg.

2. They're easier to fit than jeans.

I own the same ponte pants in black and blue -- am I becoming my mother? She buys multiple colors of the same item, too! -- and I love wearing the blue ones instead of skinny jeans. They give my outfits more of an I-made-an-effort sort of vibe. And now I don't have to deal with the nightmare that is jeans shopping -- I can never find a good pair that fit me as well. Are jeans only made for tall people? I didn’t get that memo.

Whenever I find a nice pair of skinny jeans, they are either too long or too loose at the bottom. I even got measured for jeans at an upmarket store before and they provided me with THREE pairs of ill-fitting jeans for me to (almost) cry about in the changing room. THREE! If I ever do find a nice pair, they seem to magically change size and shape in the wash, unlike a firm pair of ponte pants. I just throw my PPs in the washing machine along with everything else.

3. They're cooler than trousers.

I'm just going to come right out and say that I am not a fan of traditional trousers. Just like jeans, when I shop for trousers, I find a million pairs that I like but they're usually too long, which defeats the purpose of the tailored look that trousers should provide. I’m starting to think that maybe I’m just too short for regular clothing? And I can’t even shop in the petite section because apparently, if you are short, you should also be skinny at the same time. Maybe I should open a boutique for short-ish, average-ish weight young women and call it This Is What Regular Shops Should Probably Sell. Most trousers also come in weird, shiny fabric or a wide bootleg. I try to avoid both of those things, unlike my grandmother, who is a huge fan of shiny fabric. But she is also a fan of shoes with low, orthopedic-looking heels, so I just have to do me and say NOPE to trousers in general.

Ponte pants fit to your body like a dream, so you’ll never need regular trousers ever again. You can even wear them to work! (Unless you have a fancy corporate job at a bank or something? Let me know.)

Let’s all just forget those shiny trousers, like my childhood, ever happened and stock up on pontes. A few good options:

Do you share my love of ponte pants? Would you like to join the Ponte Pants Appreciation Society? You can be the President.