My New Favorite T-Shirt Lets Me Show Off My NYC Cred

Always repping.
Publish date:
April 3, 2014
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I’ve never been away from New York City for more than six months in my entire life. I was born on the Lower East Side. I went to school on the Upper East Side. I went to college in upstate New York. I “moved” to Austin, Texas for five months. Now, I live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

I was talking to another native friend the other day and she made a fairly valid point about growing up in New York City: “The only reason people don’t think we are scared little chickens for never leaving our hometown is because our hometown just happens to be the best city in the world and people think it’s cool. It’s not, Olivia. We should probably leave eventually.”

She’s totally right, but I am straight-up scared to move anywhere else. One of the reasons why is that I don’t know how to drive. I mean, I have a license. I just don’t really deserve to have one.

When I do leave New York, which I will do one day (maybe), I’ll be one of those people who complain about it and talk about how awesome New York is and how it’s nothing compared to whatever city I’ve moved to and I’ll have a really hard time making friends.

I just need to represent, you know?

Or, I could just keep my mouth shut, put on my Home. T and have people come to me asking “Wait, are you FROM New York?” Then I can tell them about growing up amidst skyscrapers, celebrities and hot dog stands. At least, this is what I imagine it’ll be like.

Anyway, this shirt is pretty dope. Along with letting everybody know exactly what state I get my cutting-edge fashion sense and biting wit from, this shirt is so incredibly soft. If wearing your roots on your chest isn’t really your vibe, you can opt for a nice, roomy tote. The brand even makes baby clothes! If you don’t have a baby, you can just stick to the tee or tote.

Either way, you have some options to show your state pride. On TOP of all this, the company gives a portion of the proceeds to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Thanks Home. T, for making me feel good while I try to feel at home. OH, AND, their y'all pride T is AMAZING. I love that word so much, more people should use it. It is actually very efficient. Fun Fact: The only thing I brought back from living in Austin was the word y'all. Does that make my y'all authentic? Or imported?

I’m happy to rep my state whenever I can, and this tee is making it way easier. Another way I rep my state is by wearing Brooklyn-made everything when I can. Here, I'm wearing my favorite mathy skirt from In God We Trust, a Brooklyn-based store and label that makes great clothes right in my back (pavement) yard. I know people are into local beets or whatever, but I like my rags sourced locally, too!

All right, friends, go forth and consume! But first, tell me: What are you proud of about your home state? They are all pretty good in one way or another. I wanna know!