I Walked 5 Miles in These 4-inch Heels

Plus, do I have a Napoleon complex?
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May 11, 2012
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Remember those terrible jeans I ordered under the influence over the weekend? Yeah, I returned those, but my boozy shopping spree wasn’t a complete failure. It also yielded the Basic Sandal (very creative, Zara) these sleek, minimal stilettos that I’ve been wearing every day since they arrived. This spring I feel like pairing ladylike “Park Avenue heels,” as Olivia calls them, with my usual boyish stuff -- oversized denim and slouchy tapered trousers.

Zara Basic Sandal, $49.50

At just over 4 inches, these heels add the height I want -- more about that in a second -- while still being comfortable. Yesterday I wore them for 10 hours and logged at least five* miles without so much as a blister. And they're cheap! You can't tell me this isn't a good price for shoes. Do you know about the cost per wear theory? I use it to justify almost every purchase over $50, but I don't have to with these because they're just shy of the $50 mark.

I'm in heels...

Back to my height. “Woah, you’re like, really small” is something I always hear when I take my heels off. The worst is being called short when I’m not even standing at my true height.

Recently I wore these cock-blocking hidden wedge high-tops on a date and endured a long banter about me being "a midget." I would rather go barefaced, and I do so regularly, than wear flat shoes.

On the flipside, one of my tall-girl friends dated a guy who had a panic attack every time she wore heels because he couldn't stand her towering over him.

When it comes to choosing shoes, does your height come into play? Has anyone ever commented on your stature? Do you care?

*Ambitious estimate

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