I Think I Have a Polka Dot Problem

Where's the line between "signature look" and "dressing like a crazy person"?
Publish date:
September 16, 2011
crazy people, polka dots, signatures

The above is an actual representation of what happens if I take every polka dot dress from my closet and pile them on my bed. This is just the dresses -- I also have plenty of polka dot tops, pants and skirts. I have polka dot shoes and polka dot headbands. Many pairs of my underwear are covered in polka dots.

Polka dots embody pretty much everything I'm about -- whimsy, girliness, pinup glamour. They're "sweet" -- most of my favorite clothes can be described this way. I like bows and Peter Pan collars and rows of darling buttons. I like everything Heidi Klum wrinkles her nose at on "Project Runway." She is anti-"sweet."

Everything was OK until polka dots came into fashion again -- all of a sudden, you can buy them everywhere, and I find them hard to pass up. As a result, things may have gotten a little bit out of control. I can admit that.

I've been justifying my near-daily wearing of polka dots by pretending I am a very fashion-y and important lady editor who is establishing a signature look, but it's possible that look has sort of an "escapee from a mental hospital" elan.

Honestly, I don't care. Polka dots make me feel joyful, and joy is a rare and sporadically flowering bulb to be nurtured. Plus, it's important to give the drag queens who will someday imitate me some easy visual cues to grab onto.

What themes pop up in your closet over and over again? Do you feel weird about always wearing stripes/plaids/polka dots/etc?