I Organize My Feelings

Some people eat their feelings. Others go to therapy. I take mine shopping at The Container Store.
Publish date:
May 31, 2011
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I'm not a serial killer; my closet just makes me look like one. When I'm stressed I don't sleep. And when I don't sleep I organize.

Which is how my closet recently ended up looking like this:

See how everything is grouped by texture and color? That's not an accident. But color is a mere subcategory to sleeve length. Oh, sleeve length. You're the alpha category in this closet! Then within that group the clothes go from left to right, darkest to lightest and -- this is the first time I'm stating this outside my brain -- "collar status" (as in, whether they have one or not).

I also decided one night at 4:17am (I have the receipt) that I shouldn't even bother opening my closet if all the hangers don't match. So I went shopping, five or six times over the course of a few weeks, at ContainerStore.com. (The inspiration for these came from the April issue of Lucky -- another middle-of-the-night habit.)

Their huggable hangers are thin, so you can cram a lot into your closet, and the "flocked finish" keeps clothes from slipping off the hanger. Because you can't imagine what that would do to me.

Package of 10 for $9.99 at ContainerStore.com. (I bought 12.) Or try the velvet slim-line hangers (50/$45) with notches to further prevent slippage at WardrobeSupplies.com.

Once my closets were done, what was an insomniac to do? Take all the clothes out of my bureau drawers and replace them with jewelry, of course! I love my costume jewelry--even though I don't always wear it--and it was getting dusty sitting out in the open air. I wanted a place, even a shrine, if you will, for all my cheap treasures.

But just any old display wouldn't work. I wanted my collection against a clean, velvety black background. It makes it look much more fancy, don't you think?

Jewelry trays $9.99 to $14.99 at ContainerStore.com. $9.48 to $10.48 at WardrobeSupplies.com.

So what should I middle-of-the-night organize until I decide to overhaul my closet again? Guess I'm looking at you, tupperware.