I Have September Issues

6 items I am literally obsessing about getting for fall.
Publish date:
August 23, 2011
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Namely, they are so freaking heavy! Three pounds for just the In Style and the Vogue according to my Weight Watchers scale. (Not even counting my Elle, Glamour and Marie Clare!) I think I pulled my shoulder out of joint just carrying these things home from the newstand. But fashion is suffering, yes?

Issue number 2: Fall, more than any other season, activates my NEED TO SHOP, which is far more pressing than my NEED TO HAVE MONEY IN MY BANK ACCOUNT.

My relationship to shopping, we have seen, is probably not normal. But what good is a compulsive, addictive personality if not to spur you on to greater heights of achievement even at the risk if your own health and sanity? In hopes of making my neurosis work for you, here are the 6 things I am literally obsessing about getting for fall.

1. Glasses Pendant

Ever since I glimpsed this necklace on a Kate Spade mannequin it has fully taken hold of my fevered imagination, popping up on the purposely blank slate of my morning meditation, crawling in the corners of my brain while I go about my daily business, basically haunting me.

2. The Perfect Bells

Full disclosure: I already bought these J. Brand wide-legs with pockets in the front and they are perfection. But I have my eye on the 7 For All Mankind Lexie Bell Bottoms for a darker wash option.

3. Platform Booties

I am hoping these guys will finally crack my conundrum of what to wear with pencil skirts in the winter. I need something close to this Chinese Laundry version -- with rubber outsoles for weather and a wedge heel low enough to walk in but high enough to make my butt look good.

4. Alexa Chung for Madewell

Just, all of it. You had me at polka dots and Peter pan collars, Alexa.

5. Pencil Skirts in Unusual Colors

An ongoing obsession, which I look to J. Crew to fulfill.

6. Leather Leggings

Probably this faux pair from The Gap. I have no idea how they fit into my current style or what I will wear with them, but I'll figure something out.

What glaring wardrobe holes are you dying to fill this fall? And what season do you like dressing for best? I hate winter clothes because I have to cover my good legs and pretty tattoos. In a perfect world, I'd wear sundresses and heels all year long.