I Don't Really Remember The '90s, But If You Do You Could Win Some Free Movie Tickets!

Can you help me jog my fake memory?
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July 23, 2013
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(Featuring Alia Shawkat, who Corynne just dubbed as "super indie cool" and Rachel Bilson who is a mega babe and tons more that we will get to eventually)

I was born in 1987 (jealous?) so I was pretty much fetal in the 90s. I was the smallest person like ever and I wore giant sneakers because I was living the YOLO lifestyle before caps-lock was even a thing. Please take a look at how cute I was.

Even though I did have pretty fierce style back then, I was a baby in the 90s and I don't really remember any of it. I always think I knew where I was when Kurt Cobain died, but I was obviously just like in a park beating up some other six-year-olds (yeah, I was pretty hard then, too). Haha just kidding I went to private school. But either way, I can't really like talk about the 90s and what I remember about them, because I was too busy being a kid.

Let's talk about those printed leggings though. I mean COME ON I was a little budding style icon. I don't really wear colors anymore but there is one thing I am pretty keen on from way back when I was a wee babe. That thing is a BIG BEAUTIFUL SIDE-FLIP. Big hair was definitely a thing in the '90s and oh my god am I stoked that it's back in the game.

Not only is a side-flip the perfect hairstyle to end all hairstyles, it is actually one of the coolest motions you can do ever. I didn't actually DO it in the '90s because I had a fuzzy baby afro, but you get the point.

There are SO MANY 90s things that are coming back and THANK GOD because I'm so sick of this twee wheelbarrow vibe. Smell me?

OK. Moving on.

There is this dope movie called "The To Do List" coming out that takes place in the 90s and they are sponsoring this article. They want to give you a totally FUN night at the movies to see said dope movie with resident cool girl Aubrey Plaza and my favorite funny man with a full head of hair Bill Hader.

Here are the deets:

To enter, post a comment up to 100 words with your most memorable '90s moment between 3:30 pm ET July 23, 2013 to 3:29 pm ET on July 25. Only one entry per person. The commenter with the most upvotes will receive a $75 Fandango gift card. The winner will be announced on this post at 5:00 pm July 25, and will receive an email from our friend Liz at Say Media. See the full details here.

Good luck!

UPDATE: Our contest winner is MollyRingwald! Please E-mail me to claim your prize!