I Am Online Stalking My Dream Dress

Every day I look at this dress and imagine myself wearing it and living happily ever after.
Publish date:
May 24, 2011
shoppables, acne, maxi dresses, obsessed with, shopbop

Acne Nine Long Dress $450, Shopbop.

As it turns out when you spend most of your time writing on a computer, you don't end up leaving the house so much. Whereas before I would fall in love with items I saw in the windows of stores on my way to and from work, now I have to work hard to find things I love and can't afford.

Working from home also allows me to procrastinate by going on every online store ever and opening a million tabs on my desktop of items I will maybe buy one day (but probably not) instead of actually writing.

Right now my #1 obsession is this Acne dress. I keep it open in a separate window (going on 2 weeks now) and keep looking at its amazing open back with exposed zipper trimmed in leather. From the front the dress is pretty basic, a high neck with a sweetheart neckline inset in a contrasting fabric but the back is ALL PARTY. Perfect for the witchy-vibes that have been influencing my wardrobe for what seems like forever now (at what point does a phase become a lifestyle choice?), but I guess that's another post. But this dress? It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine.