How To Wear White From Head To Toe Without Looking Like A Sad, Jilted Bride

You can pull this off, I promise.

Wearing white from head-to-toe is not only for brides, cult members or babies getting christened. It can be a very fresh, summery look. It also screams, “I’m a grown woman who is capable of not spilling food on myself.” I’m really into those vibes.

Wearing all white can be tricky, though. You don’t want to look like you’ve just been cast as Angel #4 in the 2nd grade Easter pageant. I’ve got some outfit ideas that just might give y’all some inspiration to start wearing all white every day.

Like a good man, a good pair of white pants is hard to find. I’m used to wearing all black all the time, so white can sometimes seem a bit jarring when I see it on me, especially in pant-form. Also, white (or light colored in general) pants can be somewhat unflattering. It’s important to find white pants that are a GREAT fit -- they usually work best in a boot cut or a skinny style.

I found this pair at JC Penney for a good price. They fit well and they’re mega comfy, so win-win.

I can dress these white pants down for a more casual occasion, or dress them up for work. Take a looksee.

On the left, paired with a white tee and some black flats, this all white outfit is casual and ready for running errands or breaking up with your therapist. On the right, I paired the pants and tee with a dark gray blazer and some heels for a look I could wear to the office job I don’t have.

Here’s some more outfit inspo.

Wearing a white dress presents its own set of challenges, besides the obvious stain potential factor. White dresses can run the risk of looking a bit too twee, or they can make you look like you’ve just come from your own wedding and that might not be what you’re going for, ya know?

As per the usual, accessories are your best bet for kicking your white dress game up a notch. I love wearing white dresses, and I own a LOT of them because I was in a sorority. (Haha, I know.)

Anyway, I wore this dress to one of our cult strategic planning events -- I mean, “rush” -- and I still really like it. It’s an old Calvin Klein dress in a really classic cut and it’s held up well for five or so years now.

Black shoes, as opposed to nude shoes, and a colored belt help keep the outfit cool and not child-bride-ish. (I’m definitely too young to be married though.)

Long white dresses can be difficult as well, because you’re really running into “Say Yes to the Dress” vibes. (Atlanta version only, please.) With the right accessories and the right amount o’ cleavage, you can keep your cool. Peep this sexy dress I got from Zara last summer when I was in Chicago for an investment conference (lol) and I needed something sexy in which to roam the city.

Hell yeah! White dresses! Here’s some more white dress fun for you guys.

All right, YOU GUYS. Here’s some discussion questions: Would you wear all white? Have you ever worn white to SOMEONE ELSE’s wedding? (For shame!) Would you join my cult if I started one? (I hear they’re a great way to make a buck.)

Use this opportunity to show me your best white outfits and/or your prettiest wedding dresses. Thank you.