How To Wear Sheer Clothing In Broad Daylight

If done correctly, sheer pieces add great texture to an outfit -- you just have to layer them right.
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May 7, 2014
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I have a lot of really pretty bras, and I’m a big fan of showing them off whenever possible -- that's why I am totally into wearing sheer clothing. I love sheer tops, and though I draw the line at showing my panties to everyone, I even have a few super-sheer dresses. What can I say? The look of thin, ethereal fabric flowing around my body just appeals to me. That being said, even a free-spirited bra-shower with tiny boobs like me can recognize how inappropriate sheer clothing can be at times. It's fine for a night out dancing or at a cocktail party, but a visible bra at a family lunch, job interview or office? Not really the best idea.

I probably have more sheer clothing than the average person because I like the look so much. The problem is, a lot of those pieces are tough to wear in broad daylight. Complaints from workplaces in the past have made me more aware of the nakedness problem than ever, and as a result, I’ve learned to layer my sheers so they can be worn anytime, anywhere. Here are the basics you need to get away with going sheer:

1. A great layering tank top

If showing my bra isn’t an option, I’ll add a simple fitted tank top under my sheer shirt to avoid showing too much skin. My absolute favourite model is Talula’s bustier tank, the perfect marriage of bra and tank top. If you’re smaller in the chest, you can wear this top without a bra underneath, and it provides a lot of coverage while still giving your body a nice shape and not creating too much bulk.

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2. Pieces that look like tubes

You know those odd tubes of fabric you’ve seen at your local American Apparel and wondered, “What on earth would I do with that thing?” Well, the answer is, layer it under something sheer! I have a plain black tube dress and a tube shirt, and both have done their fair share of hiding my bodyparts when I wear longer sheer pieces.

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3. A slip dress

Though you can totally wear a tube dress under sheer dresses, I prefer the feel and shape of a silky slip (no uniboob!) I have a black slip and a blush-colored slip, and both have been incredibly handy when I’m working with see-through fabrics.

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4. Pretty bras and bustiers

If you’re comfortable showing a little more skin and the occasion allows for it, the sheer look can really work to your advantage. It lets you reveal a tiny hint of a sexy bra or bustier without showing too much. I really like wearing longer bras with more coverage when I sport a sheer top, like the Fortnight long line style (in the picture), but something delicate like a flowery bra by For Love and Lemons can look gorgeous too. Just make sure your nipples are well-covered!

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How do you make sheer work? Are you team show-the-bra, or team cover-up?