Five Menswear Pieces to Wear This Winter

Men's clothes aren't just super comfy -- they can be chic too.
Publish date:
November 26, 2014

I can’t be the only one who feels like this: Lately I have stayed away from body-con cuts. It’s not that I don’t like fitted clothes, it’s just that the ease of menswear has been quite alluring. It started with a minor sneaker obsession courtesy of J.Crew’s Jenna Lyons, who is known for shopping in the men’s department. Then I finally watched "Annie Hall" (I know, I’m decades late), and the final straw was the fact that I spend a lot of time at my partner’s house and don’t always feel like rushing back to my apartment before work to change. It wasn’t long before I had adopted menswear pieces in my wardrobe for good.

I especially love wearing menswear pieces during the this time of the year because I can layer heavier sweaters underneath. And it’s fun to mix and match things that I wouldn’t normally wear.

The Bomber Jacket

Alpha Industries MA-1 Flight Jacket, $125

With all the ladylike trench coats in my closet, this bomber is out of my comfort-zone to say the least. However, its olive color and military aesthetic is so on trend (two words: Marc Jacobs), and it’s a great piece to layer. I wear it with a black leather pencil skirt to give it some edge and a Fruit of the Loom T-shirt to keep it simple.

The Collared Shirt

American Apparel Stone Wash Oxford Long Shirt, $74

I’m not a huge fan of collared shirts -- for some reason they always make me feel stuffy and boxed in. So to be clear -- this is an item that I don’t normally purchase. I grew to love this particular shirt because it has a slim, modern fit without being overly sexy. I like the fact that it’s not practically see-through and the cotton is soft instead of stiff. I like to wear this casually with black jeans and boots.

The Blazer

H&M Melange Blazer, $70

Zara leather high-heeled platform ankle boot, $139

My partner and I recently went to a black-tie function, and since I'd just picked this blazer up, I thought why not be a little adventurous and try to make it work?

The Tasseled Loafer

Bass Windham loafers, $50

One of the easiest ways to look polished without much effort is loafers. I’m not a ballet-flat kind of girl; they feel a bit too dainty and always get ruined from walking so much in New York. They don’t give you as much height as heels, but for someone as short as me a little goes a long way.

The Weathered Jacket

Levi’s vintage wool denim jacket (similar one found here on Etsy), $48

Adidas Stan Smith sneakers, $75

All of my male friends seem to have these worn-in, impossibly cool denim jackets, and every time I try to find one, the women’s denim jackets are so unsubstantial. I found this gem at a men’s thrift shop recently, and it’s a keeper. I love to wear it with this knit dress and sneakers.

Do you have any menswear pieces you’ve adopted?