How To Wear Leather All Day, Every Day (Even To Your Ex's Stupid Wedding)

By the way, every time you read the word "leather," feel free to mentally slip the word "faux" in there, if you so choose.

You guys, leather clothing gets a bad rap, and I am officially taking it upon myself -- nay, making it my life goal (see ya, dream of writing a novel) -- to change that. Leather is actually very versatile and easy to wear all the time (except for when it’s really hot or really cold, but other than that, ALL THE TIME), and you can make it appropriate for most day-to-day scenarios. By the way, every time you read the word "leather," feel free to mentally slip the word "faux" in there, if you so choose.

When I was putting together outfits for this story, my roommate watched with her face twisted in shock and confusion, as I pulled piece after piece of different (mostly faux) leather from my closet. I literally could have kept going for a month’s worth of outfits; that’s how confident I am that leather is perfect even after the 80s (I wasn’t born yet but Motley Crue videos have taught me a lot about that time) and/or your punk phase. By the way, if you guys don’t leave me photos of your cool mohawks and safety pin jewelry from back in the day in the comments below, I’ve failed as a writer/human.

Anyway, I wear some type of leather piece at least thrice a week, and I work in an office with a dress code that, while not really strict, is still not run by, oh I don’t know, Jane Pratt. My point is it’s possible to wear leather and be like, “B*tch, I’m grown!” instead of, “B*tch, I’m Bon Jovi!”

Here are eight different ways to incorporate leather into your wardrobe, from AM to PM. Hold on, you should probably listen to this while you read.

Okay, great. Let’s begin.


Skinny leather pants: to a job interview

This is my go-to job interview outfit, because it’s equal parts professional and fun. A black blazer over a white silk button-down is a no-brainer, but adding skinny leather pants and gold accents (my watch, necklace and heels) brings some personality to an otherwise bland outfit. I guess it depends on where you’re interviewing, but at the offices I’ve interviewed, demonstrating your individuality is an important part of the day-to-day workflow (or “the grind,” as the youths call it).

Leather shorts: to a lunch date

When I used to think of leather shorts, the first thing that would pop into my head would be that pair of skin-tight leather shorts that Rihanna wore when she performed at the 2012 Grammy Awards. And then I’d get scared/sad/hopeless because I remembered that I (spoiler alert) do not look like Rihanna. However, one day I found love in a hopeless place when I stumbled upon these baggy, scalloped babies. Pair them with a sheer shirt and a pretty floral kimono for a cool yet casual lunch date outfit (and also a glass of wine because dating is hard and you deserve it).

Leather jacket: to run errands

Listen, I OBVIOUSLY know this is a boring, basic-ass outfit. I’m not being all “Look at me, I’m a ~revolutionary stylist~” but the point is that you can throw a leather jacket on over a t-shirt and jeans and pull a look together. OKAY? So just take off your hater pants, fold them neatly and tuck them away. Unless they’re burgundy leather, in which case let’s talk about them!

Leather tank and colored leather pants: to a fancy brunch at that place where everyone is chicer than you

Need to pretend that you’re cool and trendy for a couple hours? (That’s the title of my future autobiographical self-help book.) Throw on some leather-on-leather and a pair of chunky heels. It works every time. This Zara tank is made of faux leather and comes with delightful mesh inserts on either side, because sideboob. Colored leather is a great way to switch things up when you get bored but still crave the sweet, sweet tenderness of leather hugging your skin.


Leather pencil skirt: to after-work cocktails

Honestly, as long as you don’t have to sit or eat in this skirt, you’ll be just fine. I know you guys are going to be all, “Why would you buy something you can’t sit or eat in?” and to that I say, “Because I wanna.” A leather pencil skirt has the same effect as the leather pants + blazer combo. Classic item in leather? Better than classic item in non-leather.

Leather A-line skirt: to a club where you won’t be able to hear anyone and drinks will be overpriced

Where else are you gonna wear a crop top? (Kidding; basically everywhere. Challenge accepted.) Anyway, this skirt is high-waisted and A-line, making it perfect for a) pairing with a crop top, and b) spending your paycheck on $10 vodka-sodas and not looking bloated. LET THE BASS DROP.

Baggy leather trousers: to a wonderfully grungy basement bar/house party

If you prefer your weekend outings to be more of the “grinding to strip club anthems” variety (no judgement), then slip on a pair of baggy leather jogging pants, a simple crop top and a heavy gold chain.

Leather dress: to your ex’s wedding

I mean... *shifty eyes*

Here are some of my current faves:

What leather pieces do you own and love? Show me in the comments below!

Photos by Corinne Guirgis