How To Wear The Hologram Trend Without Looking Like a Total Space Cadet

It's shiny, shimmery and magical, but I'll admit hologram can be a little tough to work into your wardrobe.
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April 3, 2014
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Is it just me, or is space-themed stuff becoming a big trend? In the past year, I’ve attended two completely separate space parties, been invited to attend a talk on stargazing at a local university, and have been feeling a strong desire to put tiny little glittery stars in my hair and on my face almost daily. Maybe it’s just all of my hologram pieces though…

I’ve pretty much had a lifelong love affair with iridescent fabrics. I love the way items made with these materials turn into magical rainbow prisms in the light. But apparently I’m not the only one who loves holos either: For spring 2014, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Lanvin, Cynthia Rowley, Tory Burch, and 3.1 Philip Lim all experimented with iridescent, gleaming looks.

Much like super shiny metallics, holo can be worn as a neutral if paired with the right pieces. It can also be extremely hard to wear if you’re not used to wearing such sparkly magical things, and that’s where I come in. Here are a few outfit ideas:

Look 1:

If you’re going to wear a holographic piece of clothing, like a skirt or a top, it’s important to mix it in with neutrals so you don’t end up looking too space raver (did I just make that up?)

I like to wear my holographic skirt from UNIF with casual, more plain pieces like a soft plain white t-shirt, a white button up and a long black cardigan, or a fluffy cropped sweater. Wearing anything too tight and revealing tends to look a bit too spacey sexy girl costume- unless of course you’re going for that (like I was at both space parties).

Look 2:

I’ve had a pair of holographic oxfords from Topshop in my closet for years now, and I’ve worn them so many times the fabric is going bare and loosing its shine. Adding hints of hologram through jewelry, shoes, or hair accessories can be a super-easy way to introduce crazy rainbow shiny things into your life, and your outfits. Right now I’m totally in love with my new vegan leather Golden Ponies sandals (which are super comfortable by the way!), my glittering hair clip with an iridescent stone in it by, and Super Black Hologram nail polish in "Wishful Thinking."

Look 3:

The simplest way to work holo into your wardrobe by far is to add a handbag or clutch. In this form, the holographic material acts as a statement, or a “pop of colour” if you will, but because it’s primarily silver it can be matched up with any outfit you like! I ordered a Golden Ponies vegan wallet along with my sandals, and it's big enough to use as a clutch when I don't have much to carry.

Craving some space-grade gear?

What do you think? Fashion forward and futuristic, or too spacey for us humans?

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