How To Wear A Denim Skirt Anywhere (Well, Except To A Job Interview Because That Would Be Wrong)

People don't realize how versatile it is.

The thing about a denim skirt is that since it is the epitome of casual dress, people don’t realize how versatile it is. You can keep it casual or even dress it up a little, but either way, it’s all about the accessories. Treat it as a basic staple -- like classic blue jeans -- and you can get a lot of mileage out of it, all while showing a lot more leg than you would with jeans.

I put together a few outfits to demonstrate several ways that you could wear a denim skirt this summer. Oh, and for the record, my denim skirt was a lucky thrift store find: I paid $2 for it instead of $30 or whatever from Aeropostale (which is where it was from originally, I think). Score! Alright, I'll stop bragging now and show you how to wear your denim skirt.

To drinks:

I kind of stole this outfit idea from Miranda Kerr. I saw a photo of her in a similar outfit on Pinterest with the caption “Only Miranda Kerr could make a denim skirt look good.” CHALLENGE ACCEPTED, PINTEREST PLEBE.

I switched out the T-shirt for a white button up, and chose less bulky heels. I wouldn’t say you could wear this outfit to work (a blazer can’t right every wrong) but it’s perfect for something like getting drinks. By combining the denim skirt with heels and a blazer, you’ll have reached that difficult place of sexy but not overdone, casual but still a little intimidating. This outfit will simultaneously confuse and enthrall guys.

To a low-key weekend outing:

This is basically the normal way to wear a denim skirt: casually, as it was intended. However, I’m not saying you can just pair it with flip flops and an old t-shirt and call it a good outfit. It’s because of people like that that the denim skirt is looked down upon. You can look casual and still be somewhat polished. I like to wear this skirt with my trusty black ankle boots or a nice pair of sneakers.

As for the T-shirt, it either has to be a clean, unwrinkled tee (I prefer a sexy black v-neck) or a fitted graphic tee. I like my Catcher in the Rye T-shirt from Out Of Print Clothing because it weeds out the phonies. Nerdy joke alert! Put a leather jacket on top of this and you’re all set for errands, the flea market, a concert in the park, or whatever the weekend throws at you.

To the beach:

If you’re wearing a one-piece swimsuit, a denim skirt makes it awfully easy to take your outfit from the beach to the street. Just pull it on to make your swimsuit look like a cute top.

A black denim skirt is even better for this because it will better hide the wet-swimsuit spot on your bum while you’re walking around. Plus, it folds up compactly in your beach bag and doesn’t wrinkle.

To a date:

Would you wear a denim skirt on a coffee date? Why not? A floral top adds some class to balance out the casual skirt, and again, accessories can elevate the whole outfit. The end result projects a feminine but relaxed vibe that’s perfect for a first date.

Of course you can tweak this in lots of different ways to tailor it to your personality -- that’s the beauty of a denim skirt. You can take it in almost any direction.

You can also choose from a variety of styles, from a longer, more modest denim skirt to an acid washed, ripped skirt for a grunge aesthetic. I rounded up a variety for your perusal:

I saw a lot of scary stuff out there. For some reason people seem to be trying to make denim skirts as ugly as possible right now. Just avoid anything that goes past the knee, is flared, or has so many rips that you’ll constantly be catching yourself on doorknobs (yeah, that’s happened to me -- how else would I come up with that example?). I personally think that a denim skirt in a slightly darker wash or black that hits around mid-thigh is the most flattering and versatile. Please, no buttons running down the middle (but obviously I’m all for a little bit of ripped denim).

A denim skirt is the kind of item that you can easily find at a reasonable price point. I personally wouldn't pay more than $50, but if you want to spend $800 on this atrocity, I’m not going to stop you. Because I really want proof that somebody would actually buy that.

Now get out there and get yourself a denim skirt, and let me know in the comments how you style it.

Photos by Joshua Kirby.