Fashion Challenge: Wear a Blazer Every Day!

Suck it, cardigans.
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October 24, 2014
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If you don't think there's something sexy about a blazer, you have obviously been watching the wrong prime time television. If there's anything I've learned from political dramas and police procedurals, it's that all the sexy, grown, charge-taking women of the world have one thing in common, and it's a good-ass blazer. (They're also all pretty, which is very important to me as well.)

Nothing really screams, "I've got my shit together" more than a blazer, IMO. Cardigans cannot even step to their game.

Recently, I did a bit of traveling and hung out in the two cities I consider the most stylish in these here United States -- San Francisco and New York. (Sorry, other cities. I still love you.) What trend did I notice the most among enviable ladies of either coast?

Those bunnies were rocking blazers, regardless of time of day or level of employment! And they looked goooooood.

No longer reserved for office squares and real estate salesladies on billboards, blazers are a perfect look for ALL OF US. (You have to say "All of us" in Eva Peron's voice!)

"But Rachel, blazers look so stuffy. I can't just wear them in my everyday, chill life."

Pish, posh, young voice in my head. I'm here to spread the good word of the Casual Blazer. Follow me on this journey, won't you?

Look 1: Black on Black on Blazer

Wearing black head-to-toe is the lazy girl's answer to looking chic with minimal effort. While all-black-everything looks GREAT, an all black ensemble paired with a neutral blazer ALSO looks great! I threw on my black Uniqlo jeggings with a black top, hat and buckle booties and a camel blazer for a look that's professional and sleek but easy and comfortable.

Steal a similar look!

Look 2: Buh-lazey Sunday

Blazer puns are hard. Make a blazer more casual by pairing it with jeans and a tee. (It's so NINETIES.) I paired this Banana Republic blazer with old jeans and this fun lipstick T-shirt for a look that says, "I'm cool and easy-going, but I also don't suffer fools or date men who own sweatpants."

Get the look for yourself!

Look 3: Lace & Blaze(r)

My obsession with lace dresses is notable, but lace dresses can look infantilizing real quick. I've already got dimples and an empty resume to make me look young, so I counteract that with something grownup like a blazer.

And you can too!

Are you wearing a blazer yet? WHY NOT?

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