A Simple Solution For Boring Outfits: Frilly Ankle Socks!

I like to call them FAS for short.
Publish date:
March 12, 2014
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Although I am a huge fashion nerd, I often find myself wearing the same handful of outfits muiltiple times because a) it is easy and b) I find that no matter how much clothing I buy, I never have enough to make tons of unique outfits. I am great at helping other people shop, but useless at shopping for myself. Go figure. Because of all of this, I love having versatile accessories that add an instant something something to an otherwise dull outfit.

Frilly ankle socks aren't new, but people still seem to find them a bit daunting to work with. Sure, they can look really girly and they may steer a little bit on the kid-ish side, but it’s all about how you wear them. I had some sitting in the back of my sock drawer for a few months before I finally pulled them out. Since then, I've mastered the art of the frilly ankle sock and I am beyond willing to share my FAS expertise with you. Here are a few different ways to wear them:

1. With sandals

A cute way to incorporate your frilly ankle socks into your wardrobe is to wear them with dresses. This look is certainly not for everyone, but I love pairing mine with my beloved transparent glitter jelly shoes and striped t-shirt dress.

2. With brogues

Brogues can look manly, and sometimes feel chunky (especially since I’m so used to wearing dainty pumps). I still love them, but wearing them with FAS makes them a bit more girly and sweet.

3. With boots

For colder weather, you can wear your FAS over tights, with ankle boots. It adds an interesting touch to a layered winter outfit. You can go heeled or flat, but I think they look best with lace-up boots.

4. With Mary JanesThis is, after all, the classic way to wear your ankle socks -- it's very schoolgirl chic. I love pairing them with Mary Janes with a bit of a height for an updated look.

5. With heels

To take a boring LBD to a more stylish level, try pairing your FAS with ankle-strap pumps or single-sole heels.

Need some sock suggestions? Don't worry, I got you: