How To Get Away With Wearing A Slip In Public

Almost everyone has a simple slip in their closet for layering, but could that sexy slip dress become a piece of clothing you can show off?
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June 2, 2014
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I actually bought my first slip dress completely by accident. I was backpacking around Europe just after my first year at university, and quickly realized that if I wanted to eat at any of the nice restaurants in Paris or Venice, I should probably have packed a nice dress. I headed to the most obvious shopping area in Berlin, and found a gorgeous Cynthia Vincent dress (and cute shoes to match) on sale. I bought the dress immediately (and still wear it today in fact) but when I got back to the hostel to actually try it on, I realized I’d totally missed a big detail: there was a black silk slip inside the dress!

Now don’t fret, I didn’t accidentally steal the slip! It was actually part of the sheer black dress, layered inside with its own separate Cynthia Vincent label, but not actually attached in any way. Score! I had managed to get two dresses for the price of one! Because my wardrobe was so limited on the trip, and I felt gross wearing the same thing over and over even though I was moving cities on a daily basis, I started wearing the slip on its own in my outfits, and I discovered I could actually make it look super cute! Let me show you four easy ways to do it:

1. As a tank top

Even though I'm quite short, I like wearing longer tops, so I think a slip can work great with a pair of skinny jeans or capris. If you want your slip to look a little shorter and less dress-like, try tucking one corner into your pants or your pant pocket to create a bit more bunching and get rid of some of that extra fabric.

2. With a belt

Belting a slip dress is a simple yet elegant way to get your slip out of the bedroom and out on the town. Try a contrasting belt colour for more pop and draw attention to your waistline, or a matching belt for a more minimalist approach. Though I'm usually the queen of pastels, I love layering blacks and greys with my belted slip.

3. Tucked in

Tucking in is the least obvious way to wear a slip, and it always looks super cute. Try tucking your slip into your favourite high waisted jeans, a brightly coloured skirt, or those patterned shorts that you never get around to wearing. I love the contrast of my black silk slip with denim, sandals, and my new Mink Pink crystal patterned shorts.

4. Layered

Okay, so there's a tiny bit of overlap here with my sheer post, but slips and sheer just work together so well! I love layering airy, thin layers on top of a slip, using the silky fabric as a base to build on top of. I added a statement necklace to this outfit to make it look a tiny bit more polished, and a big cardigan for extra warmth (because yes, it is still chilly and rainy in Toronto!)

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Do you ever take your slip out of the bedroom, or do you keep it under wraps?