How to Look Like a Los Angeles Wild Child: Weetzie Bat on a Budget!

I probably should warn you that this look is going to be colorful.
Publish date:
September 25, 2012

Here’s the thing about Francesca Lia Block’s Weetzie Bat character: whether you love or hate the fictional style icon in all her eccentric glory, you have to admit to the endless aesthetic appeal of platinum dyed pixie haircuts, vintage rock t-shirts, ratty cowboy boots, ripped tights, plastic palm trees, costume jewelry, miniskirts, bright makeup, and neon, neon, NEON.

In short, her lazy L.A wild-child style makes me swoon. Sure the “youthful” dialogue might be contrived and the plotlines might induce too many eye-rolls, but beyond the overt “I’M A BOOK FOR OFFBEAT TEENAGERS”-vibe, Weetzie’s story has a lot of warmth and sweetness to it. In the end, the characters love one another in such a special, weird little way that it can’t help but be set in a house that probably has too many twinkle lights and an inflatable Virgin Mary.

But, before I get into my take on Weetzie, I’d like to issue a disclaimer: in no way does my choice to portray Weetzie indicate that I condone culture appropriation in the name of fashion. It’s way cringe inducing when Weetzie wears “warrior” face-paint, feather headdresses, and names her child Cherokee. And I won’t get into it past that; just know that I found her California, retro, movie star, beach groove enticing and it seemed like a cool way to say goodbye to summer here on xoJane.

ONWARD to harnessing my L.A chick chic, shall we?

Here’s the makeup portion.

I probably should have warned you that this look is going to be colorful. Fuchsia and electric blue eye shadow, glitter, and turquoise eyeliner. It’s like a sunset on your face. Which, incidentally, is why I drew stars on my temples. I just think Weetzie is so damn whimsical! So some childish face décor seemed like the next natural step. I did the stars freehand and carefully brushed in some blue shadow and glitter. I started my eyes with a simple cat-eye. Then I just loaded my eyelids in blue, outlined that with fuchsia, and finished it off with some glitter right beneath my eyebrows. On my lips? Lip gloss, of course.

As for my outfits, there are some necessary items. Kitsch, baseball caps, vintage muscle tanks, studs, and pretty sunset-y colors everywhere.

Here’s a rundown on some of my knick-knacks and clothes: I borrowed the neon beach tank, found the baseball cap somewhere, and thrifted the bustier top and blue Barbie heels (rose shoe clips were added on by yours truly). Luckily, I found some sweet, available shoppables for you all from various places on the vast and wonderful Internet.

The bustier top and sinister heels are both from Charlotte Russe, the hat and tank are both from Etsy, the girly flamingo skirt is from Modcloth, and the skeleton earrings are from Urban. The heels and skirt might set you back a bit (they’re fifty bucks and forty bucks respectively) but everything else is twenty bucks or below! Now that’s a deal Weetzie could get with. Also, I’m pretty sure I’ll spontaneously combust if I don’t buy those Urban earrings. I mean they are obviously perfect.

Two other outfit accessories that I believe deserve some mention are the caption on my baseball cap and my homemade pom-pom tiara.

YUP, that’s a Michael Jackson memorial cap. How amazing is that?! I don’t even really know where it came from. It just MANIFESTED.

And here’s me being super sexy with my pop-pom crown. I feel like flower crowns are getting so big now (I mean, Lindsay Lohan popped up on my Twitter feed wearing one and that’s how I gauge trend popularity) so I opted to super glue gumball-looking pom-poms onto an old headband. I basically just jumbled pipe cleaners and trinkets on top and BOOM, princess crown.

Did I leave anything out from my Weetzie look? (BESIDES cowboy boots, I just couldn’t find ones that struck my fancy, all right?) Do you need a pom-pom crown tutorial? Do you need a Gabi’s Weekly Craft column? Tell me everything, babes.

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