How to Keep Your Head Warm And Still Look Good This Winter

This is going to be an article where I shamelessly plug myself and if that makes you uncomfortable then, too bad, because you will never discover how to look like Blair Waldorf frolicking on an ice rink while it snows majestically over the Rockefeller Centre.
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December 13, 2012
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I am one of those freelance fashion designer/day job people. You know, the one who likes to design and sell things, but never quite makes enough money from it and gets sucked into a life of ramen noodles and beans on toast? Then gets a day job to fuel her Nando's addiction whilst burning the midnight oil at her sewing machine because she just can't stop designing? Yeah. One of those.

Anyway, here are some of my picks for winter warmers that will keep the heat in without you having to sacrifice your precious style.

You too, can look like a Vermeer painting. So when you hear them say, "Who is that girl with a pearl earring?" - it will be you.

Imagine it: sitting on a cold bus looking like a prettier version of the velveteen rabbit, then flipping the piece over, coming into work and going, "oh hey guys, I'm just wearing my rope headband, no biggie."

Or do you like earmuffs? Because I have earmuffs. Earmuffs that can make you look like Princess Leia if she was an Alexander Wang addict and liked hanging out in sub zero temperatures.

If you, like me, aspire to be like xoJane's own Hannah in every way, then may I interest you in this faux fur lined turban? Because you'll turn into her as soon as you put this on your head. You guys, this isn't even Hannah - it's just some random girl I found on the street. Just kidding, it's totally Hannah.

So this isn't completely about me, here are some other pieces on Boticca I enjoy. They are an amazing company that truly champions independent designers, so if really great Christmas presents are your thing, I suggest you check them out.

Is it a scarf? Is it a hat? It's both.

If chic space aliens did snow, this is what they'd be wearing on their ski holidays.

This winter, don't sacrifice style for warmth. Support independent designers - feel good about yourselves and revel in your toasty, warm ears.