4 Creative Ways to Keep Warm On Breezy Nights at the Beach

Days spent by the seaside are the best, but what’s a girl to do when the sun starts to set and that ocean breeze becomes shiver-inducing?
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July 22, 2014
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Even though it’s summer here in Toronto, I can’t stop daydreaming about taking a beach vacation. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love summer in the city, but it doesn’t quite feel 100% without an ocean breeze and crashing waves to swim in. We have a lake but… between all the garbage people throw in it and the waste washed in by the rain, it’s not really ideal for swimming. That said, the one thing I don’t miss about seaside summers is the chilly nights.

On hot days when the sun is beaming down, the ocean breeze can be a total lifesaver, but after the sun has started to set and the shadows stretch farther and farther, that breeze can make you feel like a Popsicle-person, especially if you’re in a damp bathing suit. I always prefer to be too hot instead of too cold, so over the years I lived in Vancouver I became pretty accustomed to packing light layers when I went to the beach so I could adapt to temperature changes.

Whether you live by the sea, are headed on a vacation somewhere tropical, or just find you get shivery some summer nights after you’ve been baking in the sun, these essentials are sure to help you lock in that summer heat, no matter what the actual air temperature is. Bonus: They also won't fully hide your cute bathing suit, which is very important (I am obsessed with my new one from Lolli!)

A Slouchy Long Cardigan

A classic fall layering piece, the long slouchy cardigan can also work in the summer with beachy looks. Stick to lighter colours and thinner fabrics to avoid overheating and itchiness in the summer humidity. I especially love Seamly’s take on this design: they offer both long and short sleeve styles, and use a thick, soft, stretchy fabric that’s machine washable and super comfortable.

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A beanie

It might just be a Vancouver thing, but I love the combo of beachwear and beanie. It will keep you super warm, and makes you look like some sort of hybrid between a snowboarding babe and surfer babe (who isn’t into that!) If you’re really against the casual nature of this look, opt for a felt wide brimmed hat instead.

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A loosely knit sweater

I like to call this style of sweater “fisherman’s net knit” because it has that same hole-filled look. Perfect for throwing over your bathing suit or layering with a tank for extra warmth, this sweater style adds a bit of cozyness but still shows a good amount of skin (if you’re into that.)

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A Thin Scarf

One of my favourite layering essentials, thin silk or gauzy scarves are great for adding warmth throughout all of the seasons. Chose a fun print to add colour to your look, or a more neutral colour for more wearability year-round.

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