How You Cuff Your Pants Can Make Or Break An Outfit -- Are You Doing It Right?

Pant-cuffing is an overlooked art.
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May 13, 2014
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Have I mentioned yet how excited I am for summer weather? I love the lightness and simplicity of getting dressed when the weather is warmer and layers are no longer needed. I relish in that awesome feeling when you can throw on a T-shirt, jeans, and sandals, and walk out of the house without a care. The thing is though, the more simple the outfit, the more important the details become. Sometimes it’s the little things that can make the biggest difference, and pant cuffs are one such important detail.

Pant cuffing is an often overlooked art. I mean, the right type of cuff can make or break how great your shoes look, which lets face it, is one of the most important parts of an outfit. As someone whose jeans are always way too long when I buy them, I’ve become a bit of a cuffing master. Some people (like my mother) think cuffing looks cheap and silly, but I love cuffing my pants to show off my shoes and give my outfit a more relaxed, summery feel year-round.

Here are some of my favourite cuffs, and the shoes that work best with them:

The simple one-fold cuff

My jeans are usually a bit too long for this one actually, but if I break down and pay to get them hemmed, this is my favourite cuff. Minimal and cute, the one-fold cuff looks great with flat shoes of all sorts, especially loafers and ballet flats.

The extra-long one-fold cuff

This cuff looks great with pants that haven't been previously cuffed and wrinkled (ahem, like mine). An elongated version of the original one-fold cuff, try this style with chunky heels or strappy platform sandals.

The bulky triple cuff

Most of my pants are permanently cuffed like this because of my height issues. I'll cuff them three or even four times to get them up to almost capri length, then I'll wear them like that constantly. I especially like this cuff with heeled booties and combat boots.

The "I don't care" roll cuff

Beachy and easy, the "I don't care" roll cuff is essentially what happens when you just roughly roll up your pants without creating defined folds. I this this cuff is great for jeans, and softer fabric pants like twill and cotton too. Pair this cuff with sneakers, flip flops, basic oxfords and a casual top.

Some of my favourite cuff-able jeans of the moment:

Did I miss any specialty cuffs? How do you cuff your pants?