How Much Stuff Is Too Much Stuff On Your Wrists?

I think I'm dangerously close to needing an intervention. AND I DON'T CARE.
Publish date:
August 9, 2011
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Last week, I told you about my foray into multi-watch-wearing territory -- which by the way, reached a pinnacle yesterday when someone asked me "Where's your watch from?" and I had to respond, "Which one?" -- and now I fear it has put me into a path of excess that I'm not sure I can (or want to) get out of.

The deal is that for my birthday last Friday, my friends, who are the ladies behind the awesome accessory line Eleven Objects, gifted me these awesome bungee cord bracelets that they did in collaboration with menswear accessories designer T L Pek. I immediately put them on my right wrist and soon had flashbacks of my high-school days where I was rocking an arm full of colorful rubber bracelets that I obsessively bought in every color available at Claire's.

Things are getting out of hand, I realize this, and yet I can't stop thinking of other things I want to add, like some really extravagant things. I have been on a studied kick to dress more um, maturely to offset my baby face that I think it's all exploded into the brightest, most obnoxious arm known to man. Nevermind that most of my tattoos are on that same arm as well and now it's like I have an arm-mullet situation thing going on; business on the left and party on the right. Not that there's anything wrong with that, right?

So I've made my peace with my wrist for now, I mean, what am I gonna do, not wear anything? THAT'S PREPOSTEROUS.

T L PEK for Eleven Objects bracelets available in singles, 2-packs or 3-packs so you can share with your friends. Or load them all up on one arm! You know, the fun just never stops.

Ps. How bad is it that I want to get the other color I don't have? As always, don't answer that!