Three Tips to Avoid Holiday Outfit Repeats on Instagram

Here’s the thing with recycling ensembles: if you aren’t careful, your stream will be flooded with the same outfit and you’ll look like you’ve taken ten photos at one party.
Publish date:
December 1, 2014

Instagram is a space for creative exchange -- a platform to let your narcissist flag fly high and show hundreds (maybe thousands, or millions!) of followers how cute you are and how you’re having more fun than anyone else on the planet. What social media outlet is more appropriate for letting your inner selfish asshole shine by cataloging your flourishing social life during the holidays?

I’m kidding (no I’m not), but for real . . . I’m tempted to shred every “MILLENNIALS ARE SELF-ABSORBED MONSTERS LET’S BURN THEM ALL!!!” think piece, assemble a nest, and roll around in it to the rhythm of my iPhone notifications. Social media is no reason to get your panties in a bunch: It’s fun to post a photo of your breakfast every now and then. Or maybe it’s a sign of self-destructive behavior but whatever, lol tbt gtfo #onfleek!

When I return to my hometown in New Jersey for the holidays, there is a 500 percent chance I’ll document my party hopping and the corresponding party-wear. I have fun pretending to be this super glamorous fashion writer from the city who doesn’t wear gray sweaters and black jeans every day, but being a broke-ass college student makes that difficult.

Here’s the thing with recycling ensembles: if you aren’t careful, your Instagram stream will be flooded with the same outfit, with the same people (party culture can be pretty small town,too), and you’ll look like you’ve taken ten photos at one party. Anna Wintour and Kate Middleton turn outfit repeats into “they’re just like us” news. I’m a plebeian, so my selfie repeats are less "charming princess" and more @mrpimpgoodgame. I have this one striped crop top that I always wear to clubs because it doesn’t show armpit sweat circles, and no joke -- I've been called out on all of my striped-tee “#tbt’s”...I’m not throwing anything back; I just really like that shirt OK?! Anyway, learn from my mistakes and re-invent your holiday dress with the tips below.

Switch up your outwear and accessories to trick people.

I have repeatedly worn a velvet LBD (reserved specially for holiday activities) for the past few years. It hides my turkey belly, and the material is classy and fun. I’m a total girly-girl. Sparkles are an ultrafeminine way to play up velvet, which you can see with this chunky crystal necklace and sparkly kitten-heels. I also paired this look with a snakeskin print canvas clutch and faux leather jacket.

Change your vibe with a statement lip and rugged boots.

This dark lipstick shade is a bit moody, and inspired me to dress in a downtown-cool manner. I would wear this day-t0-night outfit to class and then a bar, or to a house party. Believe it or not, these booties are Timberlands. They’re weatherproof and beyond comfortable with some cozy socks. House parties involve sticky floors and Solo cups full of sloshing liquids waiting to ruin your life. Sturdy boots like these still look good after trudging through snow sludge and enduring party fouls.

Add a pop of color and wrap up in a cozy scarf!

I consider this to be the most daytime-friendly outfit. A colored blazer is flattering and transitions from work to a casual party effortlessly. Metal details on these boots add a bit of glitz, and a chunky scarf will fend off the cold.

My style suggestions are not only useful for Instagram, but but they are easy on your budget too. Pick one classic dress in a festive material (whether it's velvet or a sparkle-accented fabric), and play with coats, shoes, lipstick, and accessories to completely change your look. Your friends and followers will never be the wiser.

Do you have a go-to dress for the holidays? Comment with a photo -- I would love to see it!