Hats: The New Umbrella

Has a HAT ever poked a pedestrian in the eye? Safety first.
Publish date:
May 25, 2011

If you live on the Eastern seaboard, you've been contending with some seriously shitty weather as of late. It's basically rained non-stop for the past 10 days. And guess what? It's not over. It's dreary, it sucks and I'm running out of waterproof outfits.

But there is one bright side to the monsoon season. I decided a few months ago to never use another umbrella because there's a much more charming alternative: please meet The Hat.

Think about it. Umbrellas are very dangerous: They take up space on the sidewalk, poke people's eyes out, obscure your peripheral vision and they certainly don't do anything to help frizzy hair.

So I implore you all to wear hats, with a trenchcoat and a bag that can get wet (that's how I roll) and save the eyeballs of America.

Here are a few of my favorites, picked out with the help of Amazing Interns Monica and Madeline:

The Safari Hat

I'm so jealous that I didn't think of this that I'm going to start calling its discoverer Mad-dening-eline. Of course it's time this look was brought back. In addition to its timeless "Out of Africa" vibe, this guy's water-repellent and therefore perfect for non-safari conditions. Amazon $26.95

The Panama Hat

Hot damn, I love a good Panama Hat. I see one and immediately want a mojito; it's practically Pavlovian. It's not the most weather-resistant choice, but who. cares. when you look this good. J. Crew $58

The Moose River Hat

Sometimes hats have the strangest names. What L.L. Bean is trying to say with this one is that it's an angler's hat. (And by that they mean a fisherman, I think.) L.L. Bean $119

The Beach Hat

Nevermind that it's called a "beach hat." Rules were made to be broken. The same wide brim that was created to shield you from the sun can be almost as effective at protecting you from a little drizzle. J. Crew $36.50

The Stetson Expedition Hat

Has Stetson mastered the whole hat-as-umbrella look or what? The Expedition is so durable you can pack it, stomp on it, sleep in it ... in other words, it's so bad-ass that the rain just might take one look at you and go back to where it came from. L.L. Bean $39.95