OUTFIT OF THE WEEK: Blast From The Past

All about those clothes we'll probably never retire.
Publish date:
April 10, 2015
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Thanks to the popularity of the "#tbt" hashtag on Instagram, I'm frequently prompted to go through old photos and look back on the past. One thing I've noticed is that, no matter how much time has passed, I haven't really changed that much. A prime example of such is the following photo, taken in the Fall of 2007. Yep, I still have the same haircut, I still wear similar hats, and I still have that sparkly T-shirt, currently folded KonMari-style in my closet. Basically, if a look works for me, I'm going to stick with it.

The same goes for my approach to shopping -- more and more I find myself going after the same silhouettes and prints. As I'm getting older, I'm becoming more confident with my appearance and how I express myself, and I know what works for my body and my personality.

So I guess my question to you is, how much, or how little, have you changed in the last few years? Style-wise, of course. Do you still reach for the same pieces, or look to the same style icons for inspiration, or have you done a total 180?

Now, we had a little Easter hiatus last week, so I'm sure you all have plenty of outfits stockpiled to share with me. To inspire you a little, here are my picks from our last OOTW.

Devibri's striped dress (one can never have enough stripes), big sunglasses and quartz earrings screamed "sunshine" to me, which matches my current mood -- it was sunny with a warm breeze here this morning!

I also liked that, despite cold weather, Maudulent kept things cheerful with a sweater full of sparkle. Shimmer and a smile and you're good to go!

I eagerly await your brand new outfit photos, and I hope you all have a great weekend!