5 Clothing Splurges You Can Justify By Wearing Them On Halloween and Also To Work

I justified spending $785 plus tax and shipping on a pair of leather boots by telling myself I'll wear them a ton -- even on Halloween.

I justified spending $785 plus tax and shipping on a pair of leather boots—the most I’ve ever dropped for shoes -- by telling myself I’ll wear them a ton. They’ll even be part of my Halloween costume, I declared. (Full disclosure: Landing this Managing Editor gig at xoJane.com was another excuse for such an indulgence.)

One appearance on @JanePratt’s instagram feed this week and countless around-the-office compliments later, these puppies have proven their worth. So will I be sticking to my original plan of wearing them on Halloween dressed as Vivian Ward in "Pretty Woman" in her hooker get-up when she gets picked up on Hollywood Boulevard? Abso-fucking-lutely.

Here, I share with you five other closet staples you can wear to the office AND make part of your costume.

If I weren’t going to dress up like a prostitute this year, I’d be my childhood hero, Daria. (Even today, people -- ehmm usually whiny men who have found me intimidating on dates -- tell me my dry wit and unamused affect reminds them of Daria.) The key piece for this look is a green blazer. It’s good for St. Patrick’s Day to boot, if that holiday is your thing!

No matter how many little black dresses I have, I always seem to find one in a new style and I buy another. (My penchant for LBD’s became such a problem that I had to make a conscious effort to incorporate colors in my winter wardrobe so as to not make it look like all funeral attire.) Still, it’s a solid look for Halloween too, because you can slip one on, pin up your hair, pile on fake bling, and voila, you are the party girl of all party girls, Holly Golightly from "Breakfast at Tiffany’s."

If you’d rather go for cute over sophisticated this year, a red polka-dot dress will do the trick. It’s office appropriate and can serve as a Minnie Mouse costume. Win-win.

You might associate the black midi skirt with Amish ready-to-wear, but really, it's like wearing sweat pants without looking lazy. It hides any bloating and is functional, providing the polish you need. Pair it with a white button-up for the daytime, and top it off with a red bowtie and barber shop hat and you’re Mary Poppins for the night.

The black leather jacket is the new blazer, so don’t shy away from wearing it in professional settings. It’s also the ultimate good-girl-gone-bad piece, as black jeans and a black top are all you need to turn you into Sandy from "Grease."