I just want to be a lizard and live under a heat lamp.
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November 7, 2014
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Few things can take my mood from good to miserable faster than dreary, freezing weather. If the sky is grey, wet snow is falling, and chill winds are blasting icy air into my bones, I will shake my fist at the sky and curse Mother Nature. Give me disgustingly humid weather any day, please.

Naturally, I was a cranky mess last week when the sky drizzled cold rain on Halloween, and when it snowed on November 1st, I was not impressed. As much as Fall clothing is cute, bundling yourself up like the Michelin Man is not. I've spent the last week in layers of T-shirts, sweaters, light jackets, wool coat and scarf and the odd hat to protect my aching ears. The whole thing has me wishing I was a bird who could fly south or maybe just a well taken care of iguana who spends its days inside of a reptile tank, baking under a heat lamp. That's the dream!

If you have any tips for looking moderately attractive when the temperature drops, I'd love to hear them. I've found that vintage fur coats keep me warmest when it's below zero, but I know a lot of people take issue with that ethically, so any other ideas for those not willing to wear fur are surely welcome.

Now, let's get on to you gang. Last week I asked you to show me your Halloween costumes, and you did not disappoint.

Everyone went wild for Mrs. Haase's Richard Simmons and Olivia Newton-John photo, and rightfully so. Those costumes make me want to invest in some spandex to make my workouts 100x more fabulous.

I was also impressed with liljables' Bride of Frankenstein get-up. That's some tall hair.

Well, the fun of Halloween is behind us but I'm sure you're all just as stylish as ever -- so get to posting! Show me this week's outfits in the comments and let's talk clothes.