OUTFIT OF THE WEEK: Halloween 2015 Edition!

Everybody wins when we share our best costume photos. Extra points to gun-toting nuns.
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October 30, 2015
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It's the most wonderful time of the year — a time when our everyday wardrobe concoctions are pushed aside to make way for our spookiest and most festive ensembles. It's Halloween! And I am so excited, because there are few things I love more than a good scare (I'm a horror movie freak) and dressing up.

This year I have three costumes planned, the first of which is Thana from Abel Ferrara's rape-revenge thriller Ms. 45, specifically her Halloween party ensemble. Thana, dressed in a nun's habit, whips out her .45 and a psychedelic, slow-mo bloodfest ensues.

I've always thought the image of a nun with a gun was quite striking, and this costume was easy to recreate. My wool dress is vintage Talbots, the "gun" is from the kids' section of the dollar store (questionable), and the habit I made with the help of my friend Mari, using white stretch fabric, white cotton, black cotton, and a glue gun. Not bad!

I'll be wearing this costume to a party Friday night, and the two others Saturday afternoon and evening respectively. I'll certainly share photos next week!

What are you dressing up as? Did you buy your costume? Make it? Cull it together from things you already own?

Before you give me the details, let's have a gander at the looks you shared last week. Commenter kemacr5 gave props to Empire with a Cookie-inspired look -- I love the blending of a nice structured blazer with casual jeans.

Meanwhile, Yvette Regrets went along with the "good luck clothing" theory and shared the super-cute dress she wore on her first date with her girlfriend. I love the retro silhouette!

  • Show me your 2015 Halloween costumes!
  • Share some snaps from Halloweens gone by!
  • Tell me about your Halloween plans!