OUTFIT OF THE WEEK: Show Me Your Costumes, Duh!

You know you've been waiting to show them off.
Publish date:
October 31, 2014
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You didn't think I would let an Outfit of the Week go by on October 31st and NOT have it be dedicated to Halloween costumes, did you? I want to see what you're wearing this year, whether it's spooky, sexy or a little bit of both. I'm actually not dressing up, because I'm working all weekend and I'm too broke to go out (I know, what a killjoy), but I've collected a couple photos of costumes from years past to contribute to the fun.

Before we get to all the festive fun, let's look at last week's best outfits and show them some love. First up, there's Buttercup Rocks in a Mary Portas dress that is the perfect cure for the incredibly grey and incredibly cold weather we've had in Toronto this week. That bright floral abstract print paired with the happy accessories assures me that yes, Spring will come again eventually.

Flip-flopping to the darker end of the spectrum (as in, pitch black), we have mariiiiaaaa, keeping it simple in a little black wrap dress. I love wrap dresses, and since I've been wearing a pretty bleak palette of greys and browns lately, I can safely say this has inspired me to break out my own black wrap dress next week. I got mine at Old Navy a few years ago, and they still stock 'em.

All right -- your turn! Show me your Halloween costumes, and your regular, everyday outfits from this week, too. It's an apparel free-for-all in the comments below!