Good News in Girls' T-Shirts, Courtesy of Target

In spite of the continued existence of T-shirts telling girls they should hate math and focus on their hair, Target has a couple of more positive options for very young ladies.
Publish date:
September 14, 2011
sexism, sports, target, t-shirts, little tiny feminists

The past couple of weeks have seen much media tripping-out over a T-shirt previously available at JC Penney, which read: "I'm too pretty to do homework so my brother has to do it for me." That's right, kids, homework is for boys and ugly girls, who may as well be boys for all the good they're doing!

Then Forever 21 dropped its own girls-are-dumb tee with a pink number that reads, "Allergic to Algebra."

It'd be grand if these cutesy tees were something we could just write off, but in a culture and educational environment that really does seem to encourage girls to avoid math and science, such T-shirt-based assertions are problematic at least, all the more so when they are mass-produced in the gazillions.

But hey, Target has some good news! No, they're not hawking shirts proclaiming that girls kill at math, as nice as that would be. What they are doing is selling tiny girl-sized shirts with unexpectedly upbeat sports slogans. Check it out.

All right, sure, these shirts still err on the essentialist side, and they do set up an unnecessary combative relationship between boys and girls (can't we all just get along?). That said, they also take righteous umbrage at the conventional wisdom that girls can't excel at sports. I'm not even a sports-enjoying type of person, nor am I a person with a small girl in my life for whom I might buy one, and still I dug these.

Rock out with your bad selves, little sports-playing girls! Just make sure you do your homework, too.