OUTFIT OF THE WEEK: Good Luck Charms

Are you superstitious about the things you wear?
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October 16, 2015
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I guess you could say I'm a mildly superstitious person. I've done plenty of knocking on wood, avoid putting an open umbrella over my head while indoors, and when I've worked in theatre, I've always avoided calling "The Scottish Play" by its true name.

However, I don't jump when I see a black cat, I don't take any particular pains to avoid walking under ladders (not that the situation arises often), and I honestly don't think I have any good luck charms.

I got to thinking about the topic earlier this week when my sister posted a newspaper clipping from an article she was interviewed for.

A few years ago she had that mentioned necklace made as an ode to her love of the Toronto Blue Jays, but she's since eschewed it after being convinced it was giving the team bad luck. And, if you're following the World Series playoffs at all right now, you know it's down to the wire and we need all the good juju we can get. So, the necklace has been retired. For now.

While I don't have any pieces of jewelry, or items of clothing, that I feel carry particularly good or bad luck, I do have plenty of attachment to my jewels, for sentimental reasons, and always need to be wearing at least one ring or necklace to feel fully "myself."

Do you have any "good luck" clothes or accessories? What about cursed, bad luck ones? I wanna hear your stories.

In the meantime, let's soothe ourselves with the always wonderful stylings of you, the xoJane readers!

I loved haleycue's blue velvet dress, though I could be a bit biased since sapphire blue is my favourite colour. But seriously, what a gorgeous shade, and I love it paired with the jewel-toned tights, too.

Commenter alice's pencil skirt was also a winner, but it made me feel a little bit sad ... biking everywhere means pencil skirts are kind of out of the question. I'll have to reserve a day to take public transit everywhere so I can wear my pencils again, ha ha. All joking aside, that skirt fits her like a glove. Excellent score.

What will you be wearing this weekend? You better darn well take some photos and share 'em with me, you hear?!