Going To Bed To NOT Have Sex? Wear These Pyjamas

Are you feeling the freeze? I'm pretty sure my nipples have been erect since September, both in and outdoors, and I haven't felt my feet for a month, yet this time of year holds a magical wonder. It's pyjama season!
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November 19, 2012
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Now I don't have a skincare routine, I've never managed a capsule wardrobe and I've barely ironed since I lived with my Mum, but by God do I have a fully-stocked pyjama cupboard.

I have a few basic rules when it comes to PJs. One: buy big – they often shrink. Two: they have to be comfortable; You're sleeping in them, some 'teddy' that rides up your crotch by 2am will not do. Three: warmth is very, very important.

Haha, thought I'd start with a little joke. If you have £325 to spare, you could drop it on these undeniably beautiful and retro silk lovelies from Agent Provocateur, and then waft around clutching a cigarette holder and calling people 'toots'. I'm likely to spill egg and morning coffee on such magnificent nightwear, so would go for these excellent Marks & Spencer silkies instead and spend the remaining £250 on your rent and a few nice lippies.

If the thought of polyester makes your teeth itch, firstly, never hug me, and secondly, check out this beautiful 100% silk kimono from Topshop (£58).

It's the perfect cover-up if your other half lets you have the heating on or you have to turf a gentleman into the night at 2am. Sadly, my flat is often a frozen planet, so I revert to various shades of fleece and Winceytte. Imagine drinking hot chocolate in front of a fire in knee socks and this reassuringly traditional Matalan check button front nightshirt (£12)?

Matalan is an absolute haven of affordable yet lovely nightwear – I get a snuggly set from my Mum every Christmas and they never fail to disappoint. As does my sister. Hence this photo.

Moving swiftly onwards to my particular speciality, the fleecy print. Primark is excellent at these offerings for eight quid a pair, but lest you all think it's the only place I ever spend and send me off to India to learn a thing or two about sweatshops, I'm leaving them off my list. Instead, John Lewis's Fair Isle Pyjama Set (£35) is pleasingly festive and suitably cosy.

I myself have a plethora of Christmas-themed PJs, such as these babies, which I apparently wear to drink rose.

Cath Kidston is an obvious addition here, but these (£50) are so pretty I couldn't not include them. Don't roll your eyes at the back, I own a vintage tea set and want a pug, we all need a little cliché now and then.

Dorothy Perkins' Blue Brushed Check pant (£12) would look great with one of Phoebe's bargain H&M men's t shirts.

And the Uniqlo Sweat Set (£19.90) is almost suitable for popping to the shops for crisps.

So. Are you a jammies girl or a nighty girl? Do you sleep in the buff? Would you never been seen dead in something as sexless as pyjamas? Do tell!

Tory sometimes poses in her Pjs, much to the delight of Allan Mott, on Twitter at @ToryFrostWrites