Gimme All The Gold Stuff!

Shiny sneakers, jewels, purses -- I want it all!

It would seem the rash of bloggers recently declaring "SPRING HAS SPRUNG!" actually cursed the Eastern United States with one more blast of cold, chilly weather. It was clearly payback for thinking they could outsmart noted weather-predicting groundhog Punxsutawney Phil, who declared back in February that winter was still going to "sit a spell."

But history has proven that spring does always eventually come, and when it does, I suggest you bust out a pair of gold sneakers. Not only because metallic stuff is on trend for spring, but also because wearing a little flashy shine on your feet is a pretty good feeling after being stuck in snow boots and parkas for almost four months. (I happen to live in California, so I've actually been wearing my summer clothes year-round since 1998. But I do have the ability to empathize with those of you who have to deal with actual, factual weather half the year.)

I bought those gold Supra sneakers back in December on a whim because I thought they were so ugly that they might actually end up being cute, ya know? Turns out I was right. They are sort of hideous but somehow manage to go with almost anything I wear and add pizazz to outfits that would otherwise be ho-hum. But if you are sitting there thinking I'm crazy, that gold sneakers are a little too much look for you, I'm about to prove you wrong.

I think the trick to wearing them rests in completely overdoing it. While I am normally not a fan of matching anything, the gold sneakers just seem to scream for you to pour it on. Adding a gold bag and a piece of bold, gold jewelry makes it obvious to the world that, yeah, you are indeed wearing these shiny-ass sneakers on purpose -- so they best make no mistake about it.

A pair of gold kicks is a perfect way to elevate a simple sweatshirt and printed skirt combo into a date or party worthy outfit. The best part? YOUR FEET WILL BE SO COMFORTABLE. Girls in stilettos will weep with jealousy and envy as you are able to stand all night long without crushing toe pain.

Sneakers by Report, $72.00. Clothes, jewelry and bag info here.

Wearing some shiny gold footwear is also a clever trick to jazz up your everyday errand running look -- just in case you happen to run into your ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend while perusing the fresh baked bread at your local supermarket. (Not that this just happened to me or anything.) Gold sneaks take a pair of slouchy boyfriend jeans and a simple button up shirt to the next level.

Sneakers by Nike, available on eBay. Clothes, jewelry and bag info here.

The beautiful St. Laurent numbers below are what got me into wanting a pair of gold sneakers in the first place.

But once I realized they were FIVE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY DOLLARS, I surfed around and found the pretty respectable Forever 21 version below. Not bad for less than $40.00. This pair is crazy-adorable with a football jersey inspired dress, mini cross-body chain bag and minimal yet fierce jewelry. This outfit would be right at home at a casual Saturday champagne brunch.

Sneakers at Forever 21, $39.80. Clothes, jewelry and bag info here.

But all these casual looks don't mean gold sneakers have to be relegated to off days! The right ones can look just as snappy as a pair of heels when cleverly paired with a little black dress, snappy tuxedo-style jacket and classic minaudière bag. The outfit below would be just as welcome at the opera as a long gown and pearls -- and is far more suited to hitting a dive bar afterwards.

Sneakers by Asos, $85.00. Clothes, jewelry and bag info here.

You can use shiny sneakers as a stand-in for painful heels almost anywhere -- the possibilities are endless. A pair of patterned pants, body conscious top in a poppy color and sleek gold cuff make this outfit just right for an art gallery opening anywhere in the world.

Sneakers by CYCLE, $131.00. Clothes, jewelry and bag info here.

If clunky soled sneakers aren't your best look, take heart. You can still be comfy and oh-so-on-trend this spring with these whimsical Jeremy Scott for Adidas oxford-style shoes. They're just the thing to match with a chambray shirtdress and floral curb link bracelet.

Adidas by Jeremy Scott, $140.00. Clothes, jewelry and bag info here.

Much like everyone's favorite energy drink that mixes so nicely with vodka, these shoes give totally you wings.

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